Island hopping in the Galapagos: Diving & Excursions

Experience a superb diving holiday in the Galapagos! You will stay on 3 different islands (no liveaboard) and make 16 boat dives at as many as 4 islands. Adventure, nature and comfort combined!
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All year round
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17 days from €3250,- p.p

Dive and experience the Galapagos Islands

Go diving in the Galapagos Islands and combine the trip with several land excursions. During a 17-day diving holiday you will have an extensive diving and land program in order to experience as much of the Galapagos Islands as possible. Perfect for divers who don’t just want to be on a liveaboard or not at all.

Diving at 4 different islands

During this diving holiday you will make a total of 16 dives. You will dive at Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Floreana and San Cristobal. On the dive days during this trip, you will always make two boat dives. During these dives you will see sea lions, hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, red-lipped batfish and maybe marine iguanas!

Comfortable, budget or luxury?

You will stay on three different islands: Santa Cruz, Isabela and San Cristobal. where you have the choice of different accommodation classes, so you can keep it budget or add some extra luxury to your stay. Island hopping on the Galapagos has never been so comfortable! Under the heading accommodation, further in this itinerary you will find more information about the different classes of accommodation.

Best travel time for a diving vacation to the Galapagos Islands

January to May is the “warm” season on the Galapagos, characterized by calm oceans and favorable diving conditions, ideal for beginners and diving with manta rays. Water temperatures range from 24-28°C, with daily air temperatures of 25-28°C and variable weather. During this period, water productivity is low, making large animals such as whale sharks and hammerhead sharks less common.

June to November is the “cold” season, influenced by the Humboldt Current, with colder waters (19-23°C) and more marine megafauna, such as whale sharks and hammerhead sharks. Daily air temperatures range from 21-24°C, with often gray skies and fog.

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Average Temperatures

Wetsuit advice for diving on the Galapagos

We recommend a 7mm wetsuit

What will you experience on this diving holiday?

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Day 1 | Flight to Quito

Today you fly from Europe to Quito. Depending on where you start from, it is either a direct flight or one with a short transfer. It will take about 11-15 hours. Upon arrival at Quito, an airport transfer will be waiting for you to take you to one of the hotels near the airport to recover from the first part of your trip.

Meals: no meals included.

Day 2 | Arrival Galapagos Islands & Excursions

The day begins with an early flight to the Galapagos Islands. After arriving at Baltra Airport, you will be taken to your hotel by a cab driver, with stops along the way that will give you an immediate taste of the unique natural wonders of this archipelago. These excursions are not guided so you will go with a cab driver (communication may be limited to Spanish).

First stop is the spectacular twin craters of Las Gemelos, surrounded by lush Scalesia forest. Next, you will search for giant tortoises in El Chato Tortoise Reserve, where you will come face to face with these ancient creatures. The day ends with a fascinating exploration of lava tunnels formed by the force of nature.

In the afternoon, you will check into your hotel and enjoy free time to get used to your new surroundings. For divers there is the opportunity to drop off diving equipment at the dive center and discuss what is on the program for the next day. In the evening, enjoy a delicious dinner in Puerto Ayora while you process the impressions of this unforgettable day on the Galapagos.

Meals: no meals included.

Day 3 | Diving at Floreana and visit to Tortuga Bay

Day two on the Galapagos is dedicated to diving and nature. Start with two dives at Punta Cormorant & Islote Enderby, with the first as a check dive. The dive sites at Floreana enchant with rock outcrops, small caves and sandy bottoms where many marine animals hide. Seeing the huge schools of black-striped salema fish is breathtaking. The striking red-lipped batfish, with its bony fins and bright red lips, causes amazement. Visitors include reef sharks, green sea turtles, several rays and hammerhead sharks.

Afterward, enjoy Tortuga Bay: swim, hike or snorkel with sea lions. The boat trip from Puerto Ayora takes 1.5 to 2 hours. Floreana is perfect for beginners and experienced divers.

Meals: breakfast & lunch included

Day 4 | Diving at Santa Fe & excursion Las Grietas

Your day begins with two dives at La Cueva & Punta de Miedo. At La Cueva, a cave 14 meters deep, admire colorful fish and playful sea lions. Along the coast at Punta de Miedo you will experience more current, which may allow you to spot Galapagos sharks and hammerhead sharks. After the dives, enjoy free time to explore Las Grietas, a beautiful bay with narrow entrances. Stroll along the shoreline, take a refreshing dip in the clear waters or go snorkeling with tropical fish.

The boat ride from Puerto Ayora to Santa Fe takes 45 minutes. The shallow and calm waters around Santa Fe make it an ideal dive site for divers of all levels.

Meals: breakfast & lunch included

Day 5 | Diving at North Seymour & Charles Darwin Center

You will make 2 dives again today, this time at North Seymour Canal & Mosquera South. Then us your free time to visit the Charles Darwin Center in the afternoon.

From Puerto Ayora you will depart by car to the Mosquera and Seymour dive sites, where you will be immersed in marine life rich in diversity. At Mosquera, located between North Seymour and Baltra, explore sandy platforms and steep rocky outcrops where eagle rays, hammerhead sharks, and manta rays float in the blue depths. You will also see thousands of Galapagos garden eels there, looking out from their sand tunnels.

At Seymour, you can swim alongside reef sharks and large schools of barracuda and snappers. Currents can be strong at times, but the sites are accessible to all levels of divers, allowing beginners and experienced divers alike to enjoy drift diving and the rich marine life these unique sites have to offer.

Meals: breakfast & Lunch included

Day 6 to 8 | Diving around Santa Cruz

Over the next 3 days you will explore three different locations. On day 6 you will dive at Gordon Rocks, an extinct volcanic crater with strong currents ideal for observing schools of hammerhead sharks. In addition to hammerhead sharks, you can also spot white and blacktip reef sharks, green sea turtles, sea lions, and several species of rays.

On day 7 you will dive at Beagle and Daphne Minor. Daphne Minor offers a unique wall dive with little current, perfect for spotting manta rays and other marine animals such as juvenile Galapagos sharks and white tip reef sharks. The dive sites are suitable for all levels and the day ends with free time.

On day 8 you will dive at North Seymour Point and Mosquera North. North Seymour Point offers a cool drift dive along rocky walls and small caves where whitetip reef sharks hide. In the deep water, you can see schools of hammerhead sharks and mobula.

Meals: breakfast & Lunch included

Day 9 | Transfer to Isabela Island & Las Tintoreras Tour

Early in the morning board the ferry from Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz at 7:30 a.m. to go to Isabela. The crossing takes about 2 hours on a fast speedboat (be prepared, between July and November it can get quite bumpy).

Upon arrival at the dynamic Isabela, a representative is ready to greet you. After a quick briefing on your activities and pick-up times for the tours, it will take you to your hotel to check in. You will have some free time after arrival and in the afternoon start the Las Tintoreras snorkeling tour.

The tour begins at Las Tintoreras, a small volcanic island where you will sail through the shark channel and see whitetip reef sharks resting in the shallow water. You can snorkel here in the mouth of the channel to see them up close.

This tour can be done by kayak (low impact on the environment) or a small motor boat (we need to specify this at the time of booking and is therefore your choice).

The second stop is a white sand beach covered with lounging sea lions and iguanas, a great opportunity for photos. Back on the boat, you will sail past the mangrove forest, a favorite hangout for blue-footed boobies, masked boobies, pelicans and frigate birds, and then to a protected bay that is home to a colony of Galápagos penguins where you can snorkel with turtles, white-tip reef sharks, rays and many species of reef fish. If you are quick with your fins, you might also catch a glimpse of the penguins underwater.

Meals: breakfast included.

Day 10 | Explore Isabela Island and the Sierra Negra Volcano

Today you have an adventurous day that will last about 6-7 hours. The trip starts with a guided bus tour that takes you to the base of the impressive Sierra Negra Volcano. Once there, put on your hiking boots and embark on a 2-3 hour hike that takes you to the second largest crater in the world. This giant crater, a spectacular sight, is particularly notable for its latest eruption in June 2018, when it sent volcanic ash and smoke high into the sky.

After admiring the crater, follow an 8-kilometer trail that winds along the east side of the volcano. This will lead you past active fumaroles and the smaller but fascinating Volcan Chico. A box lunch provided will come in handy along the way, but don’t forget to bring extra drinking water, a hat, sunscreen and sturdy hiking shoes. It is also wise to pack a light raincoat or poncho in case the weather turns. This day promises to be an unforgettable experience, full of natural wonders and breathtaking views!

Meals: Breakfast & Lunch included.

Day 11 | From Isabela to San Cristobal via Santa Cruz

Start your day early, with a transfer from your hotel to the boat at 5:20 am. As the sun rises, set sail for Santa Cruz on a fast ferry. The boat ride again takes about 2 hours.

After arriving in Santa Cruz, you will have some time to yourself. You’ll drop off your luggage ahead of time and get information on good breakfast options. The afternoon ferry to San Cristobal leaves at 2 p.m., so be sure to arrive at the office around 1:10 p.m. to make sure everything goes smoothly. The ferry offers you another chance to enjoy the open sea, perhaps again with a little extra adventure if the waves decide to play along.

Upon arrival at San Cristobal, you will be welcomed by a representative of your hotel, who will comfortably escort you to check-in. Between 16:00 and 18:00 you will check in at the dive center, where you will check your equipment and receive all the necessary information for your upcoming adventures.

Meals: breakfast & Lunch included.

Day 12 | Diving at Kicker Rock

A dive day at Kicker Rock on San Cristobal is an unforgettable experience, taking you to one of the Galapagos’ most iconic underwater locations. Kicker Rock, also known as León Dormido, is a spectacular rock formation that rises abruptly from the ocean and is home to an impressive underwater world.

The day begins early when you will be picked up at your hotel and taken to the port where you will board the dive boat. After a short boat ride, you’ll reach the giant rocks, where two towers separated by a narrow gorge form the main stage for your dives.

The dive itself offers incredible biodiversity. You’ll swim in crystal clear waters along steep cliffs covered with marine life. Among the highlights are the schools of hammerhead sharks that often swim in the currents around the rock, as well as Galapagos sharks, sea lions that come curiously close, and a variety of colorful reef fish. Turtles glide gracefully through the water, and you may even encounter manta rays and eagle rays.

Meals: breakfast & Lunch included.

Day 13 | Diving on San Cristobal at Punta Pitt

For an adventurous day at Punta Pitt, your outing also starts early at the dive center. After meeting at 7:20 a.m., leave at 7:30 a.m. for a combination of diving, hiking and snorkeling. The trip to the island takes between 1.5 and 2 hours by fast boat, which can sometimes be a bumpy ride during the colder months. In the morning you will then make two dives.

Upon arrival on the island, you will begin a short hike to the giant tortoise reserve, where you can observe these impressive animals in their natural habitat. Then head to Punta Pitt, a beautiful beach with white sand that is the starting point for a trail through the dry volcanic landscape. This trail leads to a lookout point and the nesting sites of both blue and red-footed Gannets. The return trip, which takes about 2 hours is certainly not an easy hike and includes several vantage points that offer stunning views. You will return to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno around 5 p.m.

Meals: breakfast & Lunch included.

Day 14 | Free day on San Cristobal

On your free day on San Cristobal, you can choose from a variety of activities that will bring you closer to the island’s unique nature and culture. Visit La Loberia, known for its sea lions and good snorkeling. The Interpretation Center offers insight into the biology and history of the Galapagos, and from here a trail starts to the Tijeretas viewpoint. For beach lovers, Playa Mann and Punta Carola are ideal; Playa Mann is perfect for sunbathing and Punta Carola offers good surfing and snorkeling conditions. Puerto Chino is a beautiful beach accessible by cab, and the highlands offer adventures such as a visit to El Junco and the turtle nesting center Galapaguera de Cerro Colorado. Don’t forget to bring snacks, water, sunscreen and a hat for your adventures.

Meals: breakfast & Lunch included.

Day 15 to 17 | Return home

On your last day, your return trip to Guayaquil or Quito will be scheduled. You will be picked up at your hotel three hours before the departure of your flight. This ample timing ensures that you have plenty of time to check in and go through airport security procedures without stress. Upon arrival, check into a hotel for an overnight stay.

Meals: only breakfast included on day 15 and day 16.

The accommodation

The stay and surroundings

Choice of accommodation classes

This trip comes standard with 2* class accommodations. However, the trip is available with different accommodation classes.

Below is a list of classes to be booked:

2* class -Private rooms, private bathrooms, hot water, TV and WiFi, some have cooking facilities. (Example hotels : Hostal Crossman, Coral Blanco, Hostal Leon dormido)

3* class -Private rooms, private bathrooms, hot water, air conditioning, TV, WiFi, breakfast, some have pools. (Sample hotels: Hotel Coloma, Lava House, Coral Blanco, Tongo Reef, Galapagos Eco friendly lodge)

4* Class -Private rooms, hot water, WiFi, telephone, TV, air conditioning, breakfast, some have a pool or jacuzzi . (Example hotels : Superior Level – La Isla, Galapagos Suites, Hotel Fiesta, Casa Marita – garden view, Hotel Opuntia – garden view, Galapagos Sunset – garden view)

4* and 5* Class -Private rooms of top class, hot water, WiFi, telephone, TV, air conditioning, breakfast, some have pool, ocean view, balconies -please indicate your preference. (Sample hotels : Hotel Ikala, Angermeyer Waterfront Inn, Hotel Opuntia – ocean view, Galapagos Sunset Inn – ocean view, Casa Marita – ocean view)

The hotels are not self-selecting. These are designated based on availability upon request/booking. A preference may, of course, be passed on at any time.

Travel costs

What is included

This diving vacation to the Galapagos Islands is available from €3250 per person based on two people in one room in the 2* accommodation class. The diving trip can be expanded as desired. A number of things are included by default in this travel package.

Prices are subject to price changes, increases or changing exchange rates. Flights are always based on the cheapest possible booking class.

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Included in this diving trip, from €3250, - p.p.

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Frequently asked questions about diving in the Galapagos Islands

Diving in the Galapagos Islands general information

Daily you can make 2 dives per diving day during this trip. Should you opt for a liveaboard, that number can go as high as 4 dives per day. Then, of course, you sacrifice land excursions.

Not during this particular trip, but should you stay longer on Santa Cruz it is possible.

Diving equipment

INT, but there are DIN adapters. If you have your own adapter, please bring it with you.

Yes, but you must book these in advance.

Yes, this costs $10 for a 12L tank and $15 for a 15L tank, per tank – if available.

Diving equipment is included in this trip with the exception of the dive computer. It costs $10 per day of diving.

Activities, Excursions and Wellness

Yes definitely, there are several snorkeling excursions on days 3, 9 and 14, among others.

It depends on the accommodations where you stay. Your trip already has a fairly full schedule, so there is little room for additional activities.

Accommodation / Resort

No, only from accommodation class 3* most accommodations have air conditioning.

Yes, most accommodations have WiFi

This applies to some accommodations

This applies to some accommodations

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