We are EWDR

As a global dive travel agency, EWDR offers unique dive trips around the world, ranging from personal individual dive vacations to group trips. EWDR employs passionate divers who can advise and put together trips from their own experience.

Our history


EigenWijze DuikReizen was founded more than 30 years ago by Arjan Gunnink. Over the course of three decades, Arjan has traveled the world, driven by his desire to discover the most breathtaking and challenging dive sites. At every opportunity where diving was possible, Arjan seized the opportunity, resulting in a rich collection of wonderful travel experiences. We have turned these experiences into a series of inspiring diving vacations so that we can provide our clients with the same unforgettable moments.

Arjan has now entrusted his mission to brothers Robbert and Sebastiaan op ‘t Hof and Rianne Poessé. Together with a small, enthusiastic team of diving and travel enthusiasts, they put together the most attractive diving trips from the Utrecht office and with local travel agents.

Our working method


01. Inspire

Many of us dream of diving at the most beautiful dive sites in the world – a real bucket list. With the ever-growing offer on our website, we especially want to offer divers the opportunity to search in a targeted way for the trip that best suits them and allows them to realize their dreams.

The world is vast and bursting with beautiful dive sites. Don’t know exactly what you’re looking for? Don’t worry. We are happy to discuss your needs together, give you advice and inspire you to discover a new dive site.

from left to right Robbert, Rianne, Sebastiaan

02. Personal contact

We are not a large organization. We don’t want that either. Through telephone contact, a video call or a visit to our office in Utrecht, we will put together the most suitable trip for you. We also work with local dive travel consultants. The person you talk to is also the one who books everything for you and is available before, during and after the trip for questions or help. Personal advice and contact is of paramount importance to us. Our goal is to give you a beautiful and carefree diving vacation.

03. Customized proposal

After noting your needs in a personal conversation, we will work for you to create a customized proposal. We take into account your budget and specific needs, of course. Within a few business days you will receive a proposal from us by e-mail. Should you notice anything missing or something that could be improved, we are ready to optimize the proposal. We see this as an opportunity to further tailor the proposal to your needs.

04. Enjoy

Are you booking with us? Then we will take all the worries out of your hands. We are already keeping that in mind as we draft the proposal. You should be able to fully enjoy your diving vacation. No stress. Minimal transfer of flights, pleasant times and good quality accommodations and diving schools.

Many of our travelers cherish for years the memories of the wonderful diving trip they took with EWDR. We want the same for you!

Our team

Meet the EWDR team

Sebastiaan op’t Hof

Sebastiaan stepped into the world of EWDR, driven by his passion for diving. His most memorable diving experience? That was undoubtedly in Bunaken, Indonesia, where he suddenly found himself amid thousands of trigger fish. However, his diving adventures extend far beyond Indonesia, with unforgettable experiences in Mexico, the Philippines and Egypt. He recently discovered the breathtaking underwater world of the Maldives. He is also hugely enthusiastic about the pristine beauty of Cape Verde. But Sebastian is not just a world traveler; he enjoys diving closer to home just as much. He likes to dive in the local waters of Zeeland or the Vinkeveen lakes.

At EWDR, Sebastiaan is often the first contact for our customers from the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, as co-owner, he plays a crucial behind-the-scenes role in the general management of EWDR.

Rianne Poessé

Since 2018, Rianne has made her mark on EWDR, initially as a vlogger and now as co-owner along with Rob and Sebas. At EWDR, Rianne is responsible for all marketing activities. Rianne has a unique way of sharing her love of the underwater world – storytelling on social media. On our socials, she takes divers on a journey to the most enchanting destinations. In 2022, she won gold (and silver) at the ONK underwater photography in the reels category.

During an EWDR trip to Papua New Guinea in 2019, she met her partner Trevor. Together they sail the Pacific for much of the year, with this year’s itinerary including Fiji. Rianne is a true digital nomad, working and living all over the world.

Robbert op’t Hof

Like his brother, Robbert op’t Hof is a passionate diver. His adventures have led him to stunning locations, including the caves of Mexico, a place he finds exceptionally beautiful. In 2022, he made the trip of a lifetime to the Galapagos Islands, where he had world-class diving experiences, diving alongside whale sharks, hammerhead sharks and much more beautiful “big stuff. Robbert recently returned from a 10-day diving adventure on Bonaire, where he thoroughly enjoyed the many shore dive sites the island has to offer.

As co-owner of EWDR, Robbert focuses on customer consulting, business processes and product management. When you contact EWDR, chances are you will get Robbert or Sebastiaan on the line. In fact, they are the primary points of contact for the Dutch and Belgian markets.

Pascale Hofer de Huu

After more than 12 years of diving, including 4 years in Egypt, Pascale is now affiliated with EWDR with her husband Michel. Together with Michel, Pascale explored some of the most beautiful reefs on earth and experienced the most amazing encounters tomorrow. Manta rays in the Maldives, whale sharks in Thailand and cenote diving in Mexico, not to mention 4 years of experience in Egypt, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, as well as nearby destinations Malta, Gozo, Spain and Cape Verde.

At EWDR, Pascale will share her passion and knowledge by putting together customized diving vacations that appeal to all types of travelers. Pascale and Michel are committed at EWDR to our customers in Switzerland, France, the French-speaking part of Belgium and Germany.

Michel de Huu

In the past four years that Michel and Pascale have been active in Egypt, they have met people from all over the world who travel, have adventures and share the same passion for diving. They are therefore very happy to have now joined EWDR. The unique and unforgettable nature of diving trips at EWDR perfectly matches Michel and Pascale’s passion.

At EWDR, Michel and Pascale are able to use their knowledge and experience to tailor trips for all diving enthusiasts. Michel, as an experienced diving instructor and world traveler knows better than anyone else which places are suitable for you.

From the crystal clear waters of Indonesia to the cenotes of Mexico, as well as wrecks scattered everywhere – there has never been a better time to discover some of the best dive sites. We are happy to help you. Michel and Pascale will operate in Switzerland, France, the French-speaking part of Belgium and Germany.