Aqua Liveaboard – Diving in Darwin’s Paradise

Like Charles Darwin, discover the extraordinary nature of the Galapagos Islands. Underwater you will see hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, sea lions, manta rays and much more.
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Diving in the Galapagos Islands

Diving in the Galapagos, for many a bucket list destination that now becomes very realistic thanks to the friendly prices of the Aqua liveaboard! From €4475, – per person you go on 8 day diving trip to the Galapagos. And the route you are going to sail? Fantastic!

The combination of different warm and cold water currents allows you to dive in a unique underwater world at the Galapagos. You won’t find coral reefs, but it is teeming with all kinds of life among the large basalt blocks. The nutrient-rich water attracts huge numbers of fish, which in turn attracts hunters; sharks galore!

  • Schools of hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, manta rays and dolphins
  • Marine iguanas, sea lions and penguins!
  • Current Dives
  • Rugged underwater landscape
Best travel time for diving in the Galapagos Islands

January to May is the “warm” season on the Galapagos, characterized by calm oceans and favorable diving conditions, ideal for beginners and diving with manta rays. Water temperatures range from 24-28°C, with daily air temperatures of 25-28°C and variable weather. During this period, water productivity is low, making large animals such as whale sharks less common. Hammerhead sharks do tend to still be there in large numbers.

June to November is the “cold” season, influenced by the Humboldt Current, with colder waters (19-23°C) and more marine megafauna, such as whale sharks and hammerhead sharks. Daily air temperatures range from 21-24°C, with often gray skies and fog.

➤ Due to the sometimes very strong currents, only experienced divers are allowed on this liveaboard. You must hold Advanced Certification and have a minimum of 50 logged dives. A nitrox certificate is highly recommended so you can do all the dives at Darwin & Wolf. In the past 12 months, prior to the liveaboard, you must have at least 1 logged dive.

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Average Temperatures

Wetsuit advice for the Galapagos Islands

We recommend a 7mm wetsuit + cap + gloves for the Galapagos Islands.

What will you experience on this trip?

View itinerary here

Day 1 & 2 - The journey to Ecuador

Today begins the journey to the Galapagos Islands. Because we want to make sure no one misses the boat, we recommend an overnight stay in Guayaquil or Quito on the outward journey to ensure you catch the flight the next day to the islands.

Depending on which airport is most convenient, you will fly to Quito or Guayaquil. Here we will arrange a hotel for you close to the airport, so you can travel on to the Galapagos Islands the next day. Transfer from the airport to the hotel will also be arranged.

Day 3 - Arrival at the Galapagos Islands

In the early morning you will fly to Baltra in just over 2 hours. The Aqua liveaboard is waiting for you here.

Upon arrival at the airport, customs will check that you have not brought any plant materials, unprocessed food or other agricultural items. In addition, you will pay $110 for the “Galapagos National Park entrance fee” upon arrival. They are very frugal about the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, and once you get through customs you’ll understand why. The Galapagos Islands and are magical and well protected!

At the airport you will be picked up by a member of the Aqua staff and taken to the boat via a short bus transfer & boat transfer. When getting out, be careful not to trip over a sea lion! Once settled, another check out dive at Baltra North East follows in the afternoon. Even this dive is immediately very special!

Day 4 - Cape Marshall & City of Mantas

Early in the morning we will go diving on the northeast side of Isabela Island. Here are some fantastic dive sites including “Ciudad de las Mantas” or in other words; The City of Mantas! Giant manta rays are regularly spotted here. Visibility here is not always fantastic because the water is full of plankton AND that is precisely why the manta rays love to swim around this spot. In addition to manta rays, there is also the possibility of seeing several other rays, sharks, sea lions and sea turtles.

Day 5, 6 & 7 - Darwin & Wolf

Spread over 3 days and depending on the weather, you will make several dives around Darwin & Wolf over the next 3 days. Weather permitting, we will do all 5 of the famous dive sites listed below:

Darwin’s Arch (Darwin), unfortunately this famous natural bridge collapsed in 2021. That means the instagram selfie moment literally fell into the water. But! Did you know that the real high point of Darwin’s Arch has always been underwater? Schools of hammerhead sharks and often whale sharks. How fantastic is that?

El Arenal (Darwin), sharks, turtles and jacks all visit the cleaning stations near Darwin’s Arch. It is usually busiest on the steep sandy section close to where the arch was. This stretch is called El Arenal.

Shark bay (Wolf), the name says it all. Sharks! Galapagos sharks and hammerhead sharks mainly. But also whale sharks occasionally and, of course, the usual suspects like rays and sea turtles. AND if you are very lucky…. dolphins and/or whales!

The Pinnacle and The Caves (Wolf), in this area you will find some of the best caves in the Galapagos. Underwater, as many as 4 caves are easily accessible.

Anchorage – Night dive (Wolf), a unique night dive where you may encounter the red-lipped batfish directly under the boat. Also known as the Galapagos Batfish. Only in two places in the world can you encounter this extraordinary creature….. the Galapagos and Peru.

Day 8 - Vincente Roca Point & Cape Douglas

In the morning we will dive in the calm waters near the inlets of Vicente Roca Point. Expect sharks, penguins, pufferfish and, with any luck, seahorses.
In the afternoon we sail on to Cape Douglas where above water there are many different birds to be spotted such as Comorants and Galapagos Penguins. There is also even a chance of seeing the Baleen whale. Again, be sure to watch out underwater for the Galapagos Batfish.

Day 9 - Cousin's Rock & Santa Cruz - Highlands

Cousin’s rock is a triangular-shaped rock formation where blue-footed boobies, brown pelicans and Galapagos fur seals live on it. Underwater you can also encounter them, and the chance of eagle rays, among others, is also considerable here. Afternoon hiking excursion where we will look at the Galapagos giant tortoises, among other things.

Day 10 to 12 - Home

Unfortunately, already the last day. Today there will be no more diving but you will be transferred back to the airport via transfer. The beautiful diving trip is already over.

From Baltra Island it is usually possible to fly on directly to the Netherlands with a stopover in Quito or Guayaquil. Arrival is often the next day, day 11. Should the connection not be favorable, you might sleep another night in Quito or Guayaquil and return home on day 12.

Want to extend your adventure? Then consider staying in the Amazon, as described in this trip, for an extra special experience.

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The liveaboard: Aqua

The stay and surroundings

Aqua Liveaboard

Aqua offers comfortable accommodation with 8 cabins accommodating up to 16 guests. Each cabin is equipped with a private bathroom including a hot water shower, air conditioning and ample storage space. On the upper deck of the ship you will find a covered lounge, a bar, a library and a dining room. From there you can go to the dive deck, which is equipped with showers.

The upper deck has two lounges where you can relax between dives and other activities. Alternatively, you can also enjoy the sundeck with sunbeds, where you can relax and enjoy stunning views.

Travel costs

What is included

This travel package is €4475 per person. Hhe travel package can be expanded as desired, for example with land program as an extension on the Galapagos or a nature trip on the same boat. A number of things are included by default in this travel package.

Prices are subject to price changes, increases or changing exchange rates. Flights are always based on the cheapest possible booking class.

Want to know more about the possibilities? Get in touch with us!

Included in this trip, from €4475, - p.p.

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Frequently asked questions about diving on the Galapagos

Diving Galapagos general information

Boat dives. There is regular current, then you make drift dives or current dives with a reef hook.

You can make up to 4 dives a day.

Weather conditions permitting, you will make 1 or 2 night dives at Wolf.

Diving equipment

Yes, these cost $75 a week

Full diving equipment, including a computer costs $325 per week.

Activities, Excursions and Wellness

Yes indeed, including sea lions! But the trip is very diver-oriented, you won’t be able to snorkel at every dive site, partly because of the currents.

On day 7 you will go to Santa Cruz on an excursion


Yes, there is a satellite WiFi connection and it is free.

Yes, normally you share the cabin. The cabin can also be booked as a single, a 50% surcharge applies.

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