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On this page you will find our frequently asked questions about our diving holidays. Not found what you’re looking for? No worries, we are ready to help you personally. At EWDR, we are happy to advise and tell you more.

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Our offer

What kind of diving holidays do we offer?

Our diving holidays are carefully compiled from years of experience. Customize them to your needs in terms of trip duration, accommodations and diving experience. Our dynamic offerings are constantly growing, with new trips added regularly and trips removed when complaints arise. If you want specific accommodations that are not on the website, feel free to ask – we may be able to add them.

What prices apply?

The prices listed on our sample trips are based on the low season and occupancy of two people in a room or cabin. Please note that fees may vary due to currency differences. Depending on your specific travel requirements, we will request prices for the desired period. We will always check with our partners for valid offers and discounts.

Request a non-binding travel proposal

How do I request a travel proposal?

Request an easy, no-obligation travel proposal for your diving holiday through our website. The buttons for requesting a travel proposal are clearly identified in a striking bright yellow color. You can also find the application form at this link.

Get inspired by our sample trips and get an idea of what your trip could look like. Of course, the trip will be fully customized to your needs. In the quote request form, you can specify the main destination and express your specific needs and preferences. Once you have sent the request for quotation, we will contact you to ask additional questions. Then we will work enthusiastically to create a suitable travel proposal for you!

Does requesting a travel proposal cost money?

Absolutely not! Requesting a travel proposal is completely free. We strive to put together the perfect trip based on your needs. The final decision to make the trip is entirely up to you.

What do we need from you for a travel proposal?

To make a good travel proposal, it is essential that we have a clear picture of your needs. Consider specific preferences for accommodations, airports, dive packages, seat and luggage selection, desired travel dates, dietary requirements, health concerns and number of travel companions. Without this information, we cannot create a personalized customized proposal.

How soon will I receive a travel proposal?

Our goal is to send you a travel proposal for your diving holiday within five business days. However, we want to stress that there are some remote areas where communication can be challenging, so it may take a little longer. In such cases, we will always email you the proposal or notify you if it will take significantly longer.

Booking procedure

1. Confirmation

To accept our travel proposal, you can do so by completing our booking form on our website. Here you can also send a copy of the passports of all travelers. We need this to be able to book the flights. The sooner we can do this, the better. The flight prices fluctuate greatly and without passport information we cannot put a hold on the flights and the price will therefore continue to rise. The link to the booking form can be found in the travel proposal.

2. All in option

Once we receive your confirmation and the copies of the passports, we will check that the price of the trip has remained the same. Then we will option flights, accommodations, transfers, diving and other items.

If there are any changes in price, we will contact you to discuss.

3. Invoice

Once everything is in option, we have the assurance that we can execute the trip. We will then email the (down payment invoice) to you.


Please pay the deposit immediately. The exact amount of the deposit is indicated in the cost summary of the travel proposal. Please note that we can usually only hold most (flight) options for a maximum of 24 hours, sometimes even shorter. Therefore, we kindly ask you to make payment immediately.

If you leave within 6 weeks, we ask that you pay the full amount immediately.

5. Diving vacation confirmed

Once the deposit is received, we can convert the options made into a final booking.

6. Insurance

Are you properly insured? We advise you to check this out. We recommend that you close it yourself within two weeks of receiving the invoice.

7. Residual Payment

The remaining payment is due no later than 6 weeks before departure. If you are traveling within the next 6 weeks, the full trip price must be paid at once at the time of booking.

8. Travel documents

About 2 weeks before departure you will receive the travel documents from us digitally. These documents include airline tickets, vouchers, accommodation address(es) and practical travel information.

9. Time to enjoy your diving vacation



Is it possible to make a change after booking?

Should you wish a change in your already confirmed program, this is sometimes possible. However, there are often costs associated with this. Contact us for options.


What are the conditions for canceling?

If the traveler cancels the trip due to a circumstance concerning him, the traveler shall owe the following amounts in addition to any reservation fees due:

a. until the 56th day before the day of departure: the down payment;*
b. from the 56th day to the 42nd day before the day of departure: the deposit + 35% balance payment;
c. from the 42nd day to the 28th day before the day of departure: the deposit + 50% balance payment;
d. from the 28th day to the 14th day before the day of departure: the deposit + 75% balance payment;
e. from the 14th day to the 5th day before the day of departure: the deposit + 90% balance payment;
f. from the 5th day to the day of departure: 100% of the travel sum

*If the traveler uses a liveaboard during their trip, alternative cancellation policies apply:
a. Up to 60 days before departure: the deposit + 50% balance payment;
b. From 60 days to departure day: 100% of the travel price.

The person who enters into the travel contract on behalf of the travel party is considered the principal booker. The main booker is fully responsible for all obligations under the agreement. This means that only the main booker can make any changes, cancellations or additions to a booking.

All cancellations must be sent (by the main booker) in writing or by e-mail to EWDR’s (e-mail) address. If you cancel outside business hours, it is considered done on the next business day.

Partial cancellation: In the event that a traveler within a travel group cancels their part of a joint agreement for an accommodation (including liveaboard), transfer, roundtrip or joint airline ticket booking, they must pay a cancellation fee. Since the agreed travel price was based on a total number of participants including the traveler who cancels, the remaining travelers will be offered a change proposal with an adjusted travel price. For the remaining travelers, the fare will be changed and normal payment rules will apply. If the change offer is not possible or not accepted, the contract will be canceled for all travelers, with a cancellation fee due. The total amount of cancellation fees and amended travel price will never exceed the original total travel price, and any excess will be deducted from the new travel price.


Can I purchase insurance from you?

Good travel insurance is essential when preparing for your diving vacation. At EWDR, we work with Allianz Global Assistance for our Dutch customers. Allianz is the specialist when it comes to insuring your vacation or trip. With more than 50 years of experience, Allianz Global Assistance is the largest travel insurer and assistance provider worldwide.

Whether you are going on vacation, traveling for work or study, Allianz Global Assistance has appropriate insurance for every travel purpose. With the insurance policies we offer, you are also covered for medical expenses when traveling to a country with an orange travel advisory.

Continuous Travel Insurance & Cancellation Insurance

This insurance is interesting if you go on (diving) vacation 2x or more per year. This covers you for both travel and cancellation. You can also purchase this insurance at any time.

Click here if you want to purchase the Continuous Travel & Cancellation Insurance.

Good to keep in mind:

  • Recreational diving is covered by default in travel insurance. Are you going cave and/or wreck diving? This falls under “Special sports” and so you will need to co-insure this to be covered.
  • The Hyperbaric Chamber (Decompression Chamber) is covered under “medical expenses” in travel insurance. It is important that you co-insure these as a diver.
  • Repatriation, such as an emergency at sea requiring a helicopter or the like to arrive on site to transport you is covered under “S.O.S. costs.

Attention! For high travel amounts (above 3,000 p.p.), you still need to purchase additional (short-term cancellation insurance to cover the full amount.
This one is below.

Cancellation insurance

In fact, we always recommend these. Especially in times of corona, this is wise to do. You should also take out this insurance within 7 days of booking a trip
and you are covered should your vacation be unexpectedly unable to go ahead due to illness, death or other exceptional circumstances.

Click here if you would like to purchase Cancellation Insurance for your booked dive trip.

Travel Insurance

This insurance is interesting if you only go on holiday once a year this year and want to be covered for a specific trip. You can purchase this travel insurance up to 1 day before departure.

Click here if you would like to purchase Travel Insurance for your booked diving vacation.

Good to keep in mind:

  • Recreational diving is covered by default in travel insurance. Are you going cave and/or wreck diving? This falls under “Special sports” and so you will need to co-insure this to be covered.
  • The Hyperbaric Chamber (Decompression Chamber) is covered under “medical expenses” in travel insurance. It is important that you co-insure these as a diver.
  • Repatriation, such as an emergency at sea requiring a helicopter or the like to arrive on site to transport you is covered under “S.O.S. costs.


What guarantees do you offer?

We are affiliated with VZR, VVKR and Calamiteitenfonds.

EWDR B.V.. KVK number 83127003 is affiliated with the VZR. You can check this through the VZR website

This VZR guarantee means that you as a traveler are assured that your prepaid travel money will be refunded if we go bankrupt and you have purchased a package holiday with us.

Calamity Fund
We are affiliated with the Calamity Fund, which means that – for all our customers living in the Netherlands – a Calamity Fund guarantee applies. Should a natural disaster occur at your destination during your trip or serious disturbances break out, the Calamity Fund can declare this a calamity which means that the extra costs incurred due to a trip having to be modified will be paid by the Calamity Fund.

VvKR is an association where 439 travel specialists are now united and where all members offering package tours are affiliated with a travel guarantee scheme. Also, all our travel specialists who offer package tours also have mandatory corporate liability insurance for travel organizations/tour operators. This liability insurance (AVB) covers damage to persons and/or property and consequential damages should something unexpected happen during the trip.

Furthermore, VvKR members are focused on small groups or on an individual basis and you will stay overnight in often nice authentic accommodations and in special locations, all while respecting local culture, traditions and practices.


Are your trips sustainable?

As lovers of marine life, we are aware of the need for in the travel industry. Without a change in travelers and accommodations, this wondrous beauty will not last. Therefore, we try to work as much as possible with accommodations and airlines that invest in sustainability.

In addition, we are also part of Trees for All through the VVKR. A nonprofit organization that plants trees.


Can we book the flights ourselves?

As a specialized travel agent, we work with several airlines. Preferably, we arrange the flights for you because they are part of a package tour that allows us to give you the most carefree vacation possible. In addition to possible more favorable terms, we are also able to accommodate any changes in flight schedules in a timely manner.

Of course, you are free to book your own intercontinental flights. If you wish to be responsible for booking your own flights, please let us know in advance so that we do not include them in the trip proposal.

Can I also book the domestic flights myself?

nce a lot of domestic flights are needed, we will take care of them and in principle you cannot book them yourself. In most destinations, there are frequent changes in domestic flights that may affect your itinerary. To ensure seamless logistics, it is important that EWDR be responsible for managing these flights.

Travel documents

Do I need a visa for my trip?

For some countries, visitors need visas. Of course, you will hear from us when this is the case and how to take care of this visa. It is rare that EWDR can provide this visa for you due to the sharing of personal information. You can usually arrange the visa through the official website of the relevant government, but should you go for convenience and prefer to outsource the work, you can contact your local visa center.

Until when should my passport be valid?

It varies by country until when your passport must be valid. Often for our travel destinations, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after returning home. In addition, you should always have two blank pages in the passport.

Do I need vaccinations for my trip? Where can I get those?

Some countries require vaccinations. You can check the website of the GGD or the National Coordination Center for Travelers Advice for the necessary vaccinations, among others. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the proper vaccinations. Your travel specialist at EWDR can speak from personal experience about vaccinations and prophylaxis, but we as a tour operator are not allowed to make specific statements about this. With the right authorities, however, you can get perfect information prior to your trip.

Experiences & Complaints

Do you have any customer reviews?

Yes indeed! We call everyone who has been on a trip with us after their diving vacation.

Therefore, our customers sometimes leave a review about us via. You can find these here.

Click here to view reviews

What do I do if something goes wrong on a trip?

When you travel, unexpected things can always happen. Both positive and negative. In the latter case, you can always contact us during the trip. We are available to you via phone, whatsapp or email at all times. We will then work with our local agent and any other parties to try to resolve problems as best we can. With this, we can also make sure that the rest of your vacation still goes well.

Where can I leave a complaint?

Do you have a complaint? If so, please let us know. Preferably during your trip so we can resolve it. Should contact during the trip be difficult you can also contact us anytime.

We know better than anyone that a trip does not always go as planned. If we are at fault we are going to try to come to a suitable solution.