Sulawesi Deluxe – Bangka & Bunaken – Boutique Resorts

A luxury diving holiday in Sulawesi, Indonesia. This trip combines two boutique resorts located on Bangka and in Bunaken NP. During your dives you’ll be able to enjoy both small and big stuff. Also included in this trip are two land excursions that will show you Indonesia from above the surface.
Travel period
April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
Boatdiving, Shore diving
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14 days from €2845,- p.p

Discover the most beautiful dive sites on Bangka & Bunaken

Enjoy a wonderful two-week diving holiday in Indonesia that offers the perfect balance of comfort, adventure and relaxation. This dive trip combines a stay at two luxury boutique resorts. You will stay at the Coral Eye Marine Outpost and the Siladen & Spa Resort. Here, as a diver, you can enjoy not only fantastic diving but also exceptional comfort, quality food, spa treatments and, of course, the carefree luxury you deserve. In addition, some exciting land excursions are also planned during the trip to explore the fenomenal nature and culture above the surface.

Dive into the diversity of Sulawesi

You diving holiday starts at Bangka Island, where the unique volcanic black sandy bottom provides the backdrop for the vibrant and diverse marine life and corals found here. You’ll find a variety of both hard and soft coral. Macro diving enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that marine animals such as pygmy seahorses, ghost whistle fish and angler fish are frequently found around Bangka Island.

After your stay in Bangka, you will head to Bunaken National Park, a true paradise known for its breathtaking drop-offs and abundance of sea turtles. With more than 90 different types of coral and more than 390 species of fish, Bunaken National Park is one of the most bio-diverse areas in the world, giving you the chance to spot large schools of tropical fish alongside the occasional shark.

Luxury stay at the beach

Your home base during this dive trip begins on Bangka at the Coral Eye resort, The location is not only beautiful, it combines the grandeur of a luxury resort with the personal touch and intimacy of a boutique hotel. fter your stay on Bangka you will transfer to Bunaken where you will stay at the Siladen Resort & Spa. This resort is a dream location with bungalows right on the beach. The staff knows your name and creates a personal atmosphere, perfect for beach lunches and dinners. Enjoy delicious cocktails and the restaurant’s excellent cuisine, with the option to dine on the beach.

Best travel time for a diving vacation to Sulawesi:

The best time to dive in Sulawesi is between April and (early) November. This period is considered the “dry season” with the least amount of rainfall and the calmest seas. Visibility is also at it’s best during this time, allowing divers to fully appreciate the vibrant coral and varied marine life the area is known for.

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Average Temperatures

Wetsuit advice for Bunaken & Bangka

A 3 mm wetsuit is recommended. Water temperatures in Bunaken and Bangka range from about 28-29°C throughout the year.

What will you experience on this diving holiday to Indonesia?

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Day 1 & 2 | The journey to Bangka Island via Manado, Sulawesi

Today your journey starts to Manado in Sulawesi. From Europe, you go either via Singapore or via Jakarta to Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi. The trip takes about 20 to 25 hours, depending on the route and airline. Many airlines, including Garuda Indonesia & Singapore Airlines, offer good flights to Manado. If desired, we will arrange a hotel at the first stop ( e.g. Singapore) so you can continue your journey the next day rested.

On Day 2 you will arrive in Manado. You will be picked up at the airport by Coral Eye and taken to Bangka Island. It’s about an hour  drive to the coast and then another 30 minutes by boat. After you have checked in, the rest of the day is all about settling in and relaxing after the long journey.

Day 3 to 5 | Diving around Bangka Island

The next 3 days are completely dedicated to diving around Bangka Island. You have a dive package of 8 dives, consisting of 6 boat dives and 2 shore dives (including 1 night dive).

In the archipelago of Bangka, you can diversify your diving skills across more than 30 outstanding dive sites, ranging from volcanic sands and breathtaking pinnacles to vibrant coastal reefs and mysterious mangrove areas. Each of these habitats can be reached within 5 to 40 minutes by boat from the resort. Right outside the door of Coral Eye is also a beautiful reef, ideal for a fascinating ( guided) night dive.

The volcanic sands, with their characteristic black sandy bottoms dotted with coral, are a paradise for lovers of unique marine life, similar to Lembeh Straits. The pinnacles, richly covered with soft corals, form spectacular diving sites, although they are known for their sometimes strong currents. The coastal reef is characterized by robust hard coral on sandy bottoms and high biodiversity, ideal for lovers of colorful coral gardens.

The mangrove areas, influenced by tidal and river currents, are home to a rich variety of life such as sponges and small fish. These zones are crucial to the marine ecosystem, and the adjacent seagrass provides essential nutrition for dugongs.

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Day 6 | Land excursion to Tangkoko National Reserve

Today you have an excursion to The Tangkoko National Reserve in North Sulawesi. A biodiversity-rich area with ancient volcanoes and tropical rainforest. The park is famous for its small primates, the Tarsius, and the social, endemic black macaque. In addition, the reserve is home to the endangered Maleo bird, known for its large eggs, and the nocturnal Kuskus, a marsupial.

This 8,870-hectare reserve not only provides conservation opportunities but also encourages eco-tourism. You’ll enjoy an educational walk with experienced guides who will give you insight into the need for conservation. Tangkoko is therefore an essential place for scientific studies and nature lovers.

Day 7 | Transfer to Siladen & Spa Resort

The stay on Bangka at the Coral Eye resort is over. At your leisure, after breakfast, you check out. By boat you will then be taken to Pulau Siladen. Along the way, you will make two more dives.

Once you arrive on Pulau Siladen, a small tropical island with a whopping 600-meter sandy beach, you will check in at the Siladen Resort & Spa and the rest of the day is at leisure.

Good to know: there are several activities you can book here, such as a cooking class, yoga session or spa treatment to enrich your vacation.

Day 8 to 10 | Diving in Bunaken National Park

The next three days are again completely devoted to diving. All dives in the Bunaken Marine Park are conducted from a boat because of the unpredictable and often strong currents that make shore diving here unsafe.

You have a total of 6 dives in your dive package. Good for two tank dives daily in the morning. Optionally, you can book one more tank dive in the afternoon. Twilight and night dives are available upon request.

Bunaken is known for its vertical walls, extensive biodiversity and especially its macro life. Divers can spot pygmy seahorses, graceful ghost pipefish, hairy squat lobsters and blue-ringed octopuses among other creatures. Although larger pelagic species such as napoleon fish, tuna and giant groupers occasionally visit, the park’s waters are also home to whitetip reef sharks and blacktip reef sharks, and white-spotted eagle rays often appear.

One of the highlights of the Bunaken Marine Park is its healthy turtle population, especially around Bunaken Island, where it is not uncommon to see numerous turtles during a dive, including green, hawksbill, loggerhead, warana and leatherback turtles.

Visibility in the park is generally excellent, averaging about 30 meters on the walls and can easily exceed 40 meters on a clear day. They closely monitor tidal excursions and weather, as these can significantly affect visibility.

In mainland North Sulawesi, the seabed consists mainly of mud or white sand. This area is ideal for muck diving at black sand sites, where divers can spot unique marine life that has adapted to harsh conditions. There are also beautiful coral reefs at white sand sites and an accessible wreck covered in sponges.

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Day 11 | Land excursion: Minahasa Highlands Tour

From Siladen Resort today you will take the boat to the mainland for a day excursion. The first stop is the fantastic traditional market where, depending on personal taste, you will be surprised by the local version of a Western supermarket! You will then travel to the village of Woloan to see how local Minahasa houses are built.

You will then have lunch at the region’s largest lake, Lake Tondano. Enjoy the traditional and delicious fish dishes, fried or grilled. Bring a sweater as it may be chilly.

After lunch, visit the village of Polutan, a pottery industry for making ceramics a short distance away. On the way back you will pass Lake Linow, which shows breathtaking color changes due to its sulfur content. You’ll also stop along the way to look at handicrafts in Tinoor – traditional hats and bamboo handicrafts are just a few examples.

Day 12 | Relax, souvenir shopping, packing

Today is already the last full day of your vacation. You have the entire day at leisure. Relax by the pool, read a book in one of the hammocks, pack your bags, enjoy a last massage…. How you organize your day is entirely up to you.

If you would like to do something else, you can consider the 3-hour dolphin tour offered by the resort, or the half-day tour to the center of Manado where you can buy some nice souvenirs for the home front. Looking for another adventure? Then this is the time to go on the the White Water Rafting – Wet and Wild Tour or do the Mt. Mahawu Volcano Trekking. 

Day 13 & 14 | Time to go home

Your amazing dive holiday in North Sulawesi really comes to an end today. The resort will transfer you to Manado airport, where you will board the plane back home.

Not ready to go home yet? Then consider extending your stay with another region of Indonesia, such as Bali or Raja Ampat. Both easily accessible from Manado.

The accommodations

The stay and surroundings

Coral Eye Marine Outpost

Coral Eye is a unique Boutique Resort on the island of Bangka in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Originally established as a marine research outpost, Coral Eye today is a melting pot of passionate travelers, diving enthusiasts, underwater photographers and marine biologists.

Designed to be guest-centered, Coral Eye creates a unique environment that promotes social interaction and communication among divers. One way they do this is by centering the dining table where everyone sits down for meals.

In 2022, Coral Eye partnered with the Siladen Resort and Spa to take the resort to the next level of guest comfort. While retaining Coral Eye’s original mission and unique features, the new partnership adds a touch of luxury with 7 new villas and an upgrade to the existing rooms and general guest services.

You are staying at Coral Eye on full board. Breakfast includes freshly baked bread, croissants, homemade tropical jams and preserves, eggs prepared to your liking, cereal, homemade muffins, seasonal fruit boards, fresh juices, tea and moka coffee. For lunch and dinner, they prepare a wide range of dishes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients that combine European traditions with Indonesian flavors. They source all their fish directly from Bangka Island fishermen to ensure freshness, quality and sustainability.

On-site you will also find the spa. Here you can book various massages. All products for the treatments are natural and homemade by the spa therapist. Guests can choose from a variety of scented oils or 100% natural, locally made coconut oil for the massages.

Diving is done directly from the resort, the dive shop is located on the grounds of Coral Eye and the boats depart from there.

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Siladen Resort & Spa

Siladen Resort & Spa is an exclusive boutique dive resort located on Pulau Siladen, a lush tropical island in the heart of the Bunaken National Marine Park. Established in 2003, the resort is known for providing outstanding comfort in seclusion to international guests in Sulawesi, with a focus on diving enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The resort features a 600-meter-long white sandy beach and an adjacent reef. Guests can enjoy breathtaking sunsets year-round, overlooking the volcano Manado Tua, providing a tranquil tropical paradise experience.

You’ll stay at Siladen on full board, and that’s no punishment. The gourmet fusion dishes served by the restaurant are influenced by European, Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. The restaurant, traditionally built with local materials, offers both indoor and outdoor dining overlooking the beach and pool. Regular BBQs on the beach during the dry season and private beach dinners are also available upon request.

On the beach you will find a tree house. This is the perfect place for lounging, yoga classes and presentations are also held here. The treehouse was built by the traditional timber builders of Woloan, a village known for its unique architectural style.

Siladen Resort & Spa also has a beautiful saltwater pool, with comfortable beds and close to the bar. Of course, you will also find the dive shop on-site and the camera room, ideal if you dive with a (large) camera.

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Travel costs

What is included

This dive holiday to North Sulawesi is available from €2845 per person based on two people in a Garden Bungalow. The diving trip can be expanded as desired. A number of things are included by default in this travel package.

Prices are subject to price changes, increases or changing exchange rates. Flights are always based on the cheapest possible booking class.

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Included in this diving trip, from €2845, - p.p.

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Frequently asked questions about this diving vacation

Diving in North Sulawesi general information

Coral eye: Lace & Boat Diving. Expect soft coral, nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, angler fish, among others. Beautiful night dive on the house reef!

Siladen: Boat Diving. Beautiful dives along walls including many turtles and fish. Opportunities for black water diving.

Both resorts average between 10 and 20 minutes of boating.

You can make a maximum of 4 dives per day. In the morning 2, in the afternoon 1 and then another night dive.

Yes definitely, at Coral Eye is a fantastic house reef where you can spot lots of unusual critters and Siladen offers Black Water diving!

At Coral Eye yes, at Siladen no.

Yes, both resorts offer PADI courses and at Siladen you can also take SSI courses – including the SSI Freediving course.

Yes, in both cases on-site

Diving equipment

Yes, and use of these is free but they are limited in availability.

IDR 450,000 per day for complete equipment including a computer. This amounts to about €27 per day.

Activities, Excursions and Wellness

This vacation is also perfect for snorkelers!

Coral Eye: Guests can enjoy excellent snorkeling from the beach at Coral Eye on our house reef for free. Alternatively, resort guests can join our boats in the morning and/or afternoon to snorkel at various sites with a snorkeling guide (maximum 4 guests per guide). Snorkeling by boat costs 25 euros per session (70 minutes). Fins and masks can be rented at the Dive Center.

Siladen: All reefs around the islands of the Bunaken National Marine Park are suitable for snorkeling, as they rise to a depth of only 3 meters. Guests can enjoy excellent snorkeling from the beach on Siladen, near the old jetty, just a few minutes’ walk from the resort entrance. Alternatively, resort guests can join our boats in the morning and/or afternoon to snorkel in the Bunaken Marine Park with a snorkeling guide (maximum 4 guests per guide). Snorkeling by boat costs 25 euros per session. Fins and masks can be rented at the Dive Center.

Coral Eye: spa, snorkeling, kayaks

Siladen: Weekly yoga class, snorkeling, spa, kayaks, sups.

Coral Eye: Entertainment on the beach

Siladen: Swimming pool

Babysitting service can be provided for parents with children; however, this must be recorded in advance. On the ground, that no longer works.

Yes definitely, both resorts have a spa.

Coral Eye: Tangkoko National Park Tour, this park is known for the smallest primate in the world, the Tarsius, and also the Black Crested Macaque, is quite close to Bangka Island. In addition, they also offer a Minahasa Island Tour for those who want to learn more about the culture of North Sulawesi. But for this trip, you already do that tour from Siladen.

Siladen: Dolphin tours where you go by boat to look for dolphins. After spotting dolphins, you will go snorkeling with turtles. So in addition, they have the Minahasa Island Tour for those who want to learn more about North Sulawesi.

Accommodation / Resort

Yes, in the common areas.

Of course. At both resorts you will stay on a Full Board basis. The restaurants serve a variety of Mediterranean and Indonesian cuisine, and fish, meat and vegetarian dishes are always available. They take special diets into account and kindly ask you to indicate in advance if there are any special diets or food allergies so that they can offer the best possible options.

Coral Eye: No

Siladen: Yes – salt water

Yes, this is possible at both resorts if indicated in advance (while booking the trip so there is enough time to arrange this).

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