Alami Alor Dive Resort – Secluded luxury by the sea.

Diving in Alor is an unforgettable experience because of its exceptional biodiversity. The presence of rare animals such as Mola Molas and lots of macro life make it a unique diving destination.
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Boatdiving, Shore diving
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Diving vacations to Alor, Indonesia

Divers looking for a great dive site should go to Alor. Diving at Alor falls into the world-class category as, for example, Komodo and Raja Ampat also fall into that category. Alor is surrounded by clear water with visibility of up to forty meters at times and a pleasant temperature of twenty-eight degrees.

The Alami Alor Dive Resort is located in Kalabahi Bay on the island of Alor. The resort was designed by lovers of the underwater world. The goal was to create a small and personal dive and snorkel resort in an area of exceptional diversity and beauty, off the beaten path with an authentic Indonesian feel,

Due to its volcanic origin, the variation in underwater landscape is particularly great: drop offs, slowly sloping walls, tops of underwater volcanoes and large coral gardens. Alor is truly a macro paradise, with many unusual small animals living in the mud (muck). Nevertheless, while diving in Alor, you will also encounter many large-sized fish species. At Alor, you regularly see mola molas, hammerhead sharks, marlins and dolphins. Otherwise, you will encounter all the “normal” reef life. The coral is in very healthy condition.

Photographereren: At Alami Alor, you can attend various photo workshops at the special Alor Alami Photo Acadamy.

Workshops to choose from:

  • Basic or Advanced Macro
  • Basic or Advanced Wide-Angle
  • Sunbeams & reef landscapes
  • Snoot & Backlighting
  • Long exposures
  • Diving Models

The price for a workshop is €110 and this includes: 2 dives with a Photo Pro Guide, briefing/debriefing & post-processing. You will also receive a digital fact sheet with used camera settings etc. If you go for 2 workshops (4 dives), you will pay €201 for both and if you go for 3 workshops (6 dives), the total amount is €274 p.p.

Best travel time: The best travel time for diving at Alami Alor Dive Resort on Alor Island is between April and December. This is because the weather and sea conditions are generally more favorable during these months, providing better underwater visibility and less chance of rain and wind gusts.

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Average Temperatures

Wetsuit advice for diving in Alor

Almost all year a 3mm wetsuit is sufficient, only the months of June through August are slightly colder and then you can consider a 5mm.

What will you experience on this trip?

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Day 1 & 2 - Travel to Alor

Today begins the journey to beautiful Alor. Traveling from Europe to Alor in Indonesia may take some time and planning, as it is a remote destination.

First, you fly to Jakarta or Bali. Once you arrive, get ready for another trip, this time a domestic flight to the eastern part of the country. Your destination is El Tari Airport in Kupang, the largest city on the island of Timor. As you fly over the many islands of Indonesia, you can admire the diverse landscape of this beautiful country.

After arriving in Kupang, a final short flight will take you to your final destination, Alor Island. You will fly to Mali Airport, a small airport nestled between the hills and the sea. With every step you take on the island of Alor, you feel further and further away from Europe, but closer to a unique and enriching experience in one of the most enchanting corners of the world.

Depending on how the flights connect, you may spend a night in Jakarta or Kupang.

Day 3 - Arrival in Alor

Today you will arrive in Alor. Upon arrival in Alor, a driver will be waiting for you outside the airport. He will take you to the resort, which is about an hour’s drive away. You really are almost there now.

Enjoy the view during the ride, because Alor is not only very beautiful underwater…. You will also feast your eyes on the surface.

Once you arrive at the resort, check in and spend the rest of the day relaxing and settling down.

Day 4 to 16 - Diving in Alor

For the next two weeks, you will spend 3 boat dives daily in the beautiful waters around Alor. Also included in your package is unlimited house reef diving (without a guide) between 07:00 and 22:00.

Diving in Alor offers you the chance to experience different types of tropical diving in one location and without crowds. The diversity of dive sites is enormous, with a wide range of coral walls and slopes, fields of anemones and volcanic cliffs and caves. Within Kalabahi Bay, a variety of black and white slopes provide macro muck diving spots of interest to curious divers and underwater photographers alike. The local guides and photo professional will do their best during the dives to find the creatures you are looking for.

Surface intervals on Alor are certainly not boring, zwith the chance to spot multiple species of dolphins and whales or snorkel with a moonfish. Bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins and Frasier dolphins are spotted weekly and are sometimes accompanied by large groups of white-lipped dolphins. Blue whales can also be spotted randomly at any time, with increasing numbers and frequency during seasonal migrations. With the right timing in the lunar cycle and a little luck, our boat crew will take you between or after dives to watch for moonfish (Mola’s Mola’s) brought to the surface by a cold water surge. Really cool!

Day 17 - Day on dry land

Tomorrow you will begin your return journey, so it would be wise not to dive today. Especially since you have been doing 3 dives a day for the past two weeks.

Enjoy the island and the luxury offered by the resort. Underwater photographers can already start post-processing the probably hundreds of photos they have taken.

Day 18 & 19 - Return home

It’s on. Today you will fly back to Europe via Kupang and Jakarta or Bali. In most cases, your return trip starts on day 18 and you land in Europe on day 19. If the flights do not connect well, it is possible that we will book an overnight stay somewhere so that you may be back home on day 20.

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The accommodation

The stay and surroundings

Alami Alor Diving Resort

Alami Alor is a small and intimate dive resort that specializes in providing personalized service to their guests, not only with respect to diving and snorkeling, but also hospitality.

The resort’s grounds are set in a tropical forest along the volcanic coastline of Alor Island, providing a shady and airy home base for your stay.

The resort’s common area is designed with an open tropical living style that allows the fresh sea breeze to flow through it. It is decorated with local artifacts to add a cultural dimension to your diving or snorkeling vacation.

Accommodation includes full-board meals served at a communal table in the dining room. This serves as an interactive setting.

Breakfast is à-la-carte with choices of Western or Indonesian options. Lunch and dinner consist of a variety of fixed Indonesian and tropical themed home-style menus prepared by our chefs using local organic ingredients. Freshly baked bread, sweets and snacks are available at meals and throughout the day. Although they plan set family menus served at set times, they can easily accommodate vegetarian, vegan and other dietary needs. Please provide this in advance when booking.

Travel costs

What is included

This travel package is €4639 per person based on two people in one bungalow. The trip can be extended as desired and it is also possible to shorten the duration. A number of things are included by default in this travel package.

Prices are subject to price changes, increases or changing exchange rates. Flights are always based on the cheapest possible booking class.

Want to know more about the possibilities? Get in touch with us!

Included in this trip, from €4639 p.p.

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Frequently asked questions about this diving vacation

Diving general

Boat & shore diving. With both big stuff and lots of macro possibilities.

Most dive sites are within a 15-minute boat ride.

You can make 3 boat dives per day and unlimited dives on the house reef between 07:00 and 22:00

Yes indeed, a night dive is scheduled daily at 5:30 p.m. to a Muck Dive site within the bay. You can also choose to do a night dive on the house reef.

Yes, a fantastic house reef! You may dive on this unlimited between 07:00 and 22:00

No, except for special photography courses. This resort is really a fun dive resort in that respect.

Photography workshops to choose from:

  • Basic or Advanced Macro
  • Basic or Advanced Wide-Angle
  • Sunbeams & reef landscapes
  • Snoot & Backlighting
  • Long exposures
  • Diving Models

The price for a workshop is €110 and this includes: 2 dives with a Photo Pro Guide, briefing/debriefing & post-processing. You will also receive a digital fact sheet with used camera settings etc. If you go for 2 workshops (4 dives), you will pay €201 for both and if you go for 3 workshops (6 dives), the total amount is €274 p.p.

Diving equipment

Yes definitely, these cost $4 a tank.

Nitrox 32% is free and available only to nitrox certified divers.

Yes you can, diving equipment without computer costs $27 per day and with computer $35 per day.

Other activities & excursions

Yes definitely, snorkelers can join the boat in the morning at 08:00 to snorkel at two beautiful sites. Snorkelers can spend the rest of the day on the beautiful house reef.

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