Siddhartha Oceanfront Resort & Spa – Bali

Enjoy unforgettable diving vacation to Bali and stay at the romantic Siddhartha Resort. Discover Bali’s beautiful marine life and enjoy the luxurious facilities. Perfect for lovers of diving in Indonesia and romantic vacations!
Travel period
All year round
Boatdiving, Shore diving
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13 days from €1785,- p.p

Romantic diving holiday to Bali

Located on Bali’s idyllic northeast coast, the Siddhartha Oceanfront Resort & Spa invites you to an authentic Balinese stay, enveloped in tranquility and rustic charm. The intimate resort, just steps from the sacred volcano Mount Agung, is the perfect spot from which to explore Bali’s rich culture and nature.

Diving in Bali

On this dive holiday you will explore several dive spots including Nusa Penida, known for Manta Point where manta rays are regularly spotted and in the right season Mola Molas

Other dive sites nearby such as Tulamben and Amed are ideal for underwater photography because of their remarkable macro life and the famous Liberty WreckNext to that, you can also go diving at Candidasa

What is ideal about this location in Bali is that it is also extremely suitable for non-diving partners. There are numerous excursions available from the resort, including visiting temples, rice fields and other land excursions.

Romantic stay in Bali

After a day of diving and/or excursions, enjoy a wonderful massage at Siddhartha’s spa. For those who want to relax, the pool overlooking the ocean and a spacious sun terrace are available. In addition, the resort offers (free) yoga sessions, allowing you to fully unwind in this serene environment.

Best time to dive in Bali

The best travel time for diving in Bali is generally between the months of April and December. During this period it is usually dry and water temperatures are pleasant. Moreover, visibility is usually better underwater. The period from mid-September to late October marks the beginning of the so-called cold-water season, characterized by the influx of cold deep-sea water into the shallower waters. This season offers ideal diving conditions and Mola Molas are frequently seen.

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Average Temperatures

Wetsuit advice for diving in Bali

A 3mm wetsuit is generally sufficient in Bali.

What will you experience on this diving holiday?

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Day 1 & 2 | The journey to Bali

Today begins your diving trip to beautiful Bali. From Europe you can sometimes fly to Bali with a direct flight, but often with one stopover in about 16 to 18 hours. Upon arrival at the airport, the driver will be waiting for you to drive you to the resort in about three hours.

If you arrive very late in the evening, we recommend an overnight stay near the airport first so that you can transfer to the resort well rested in the morning.

Day 3 to 10 | Diving in Bali

In the heart of East Bali you will find the most beautiful dive sites, harboring huge diversity. If you spend the next 8 days diving here, a lot of great moments await you with the diving package included in your trip.

16 dives are on the itinerary, and believe me, you will not be bored for a moment here. The Siddhartha dive boat “Baba,” which can accommodate 10 divers, ensures that every dive here becomes a personal experience.

Bali’s mesmerizing reefs are like works of art rising from the depths of the ocean. With more than 50 diving and snorkeling sites easily accessible from the Siddhartha dive center, you have an abundance of choices. Right outside the resort’s door is a stunning house reef, part of the Kubu Marine Park and almost direct access to the Boga wreck.

The other legendary dive sites of Tulamben and Amed, including the famous USAT Liberty Wreck, are close by.

Day 11 | Land excursion or Relaxing?

In Bali, there is hardly a day without a ceremony taking place. Rituals and offerings to the gods are essential within the unique blend of Hindu customs that the Balinese follow. 

Siddhartha Oceanfront Resort is the ideal partner to take you to the most beautiful and unique places on the island. To complement your dive holiday, they offer they an extensive program of day excursions, cultural tours and activities to suit your need for adventure, activity, inspiration and connection with nature. So after a few days, stop by the reception to book the excursion for your last day.

Day 12 & 13 | Return home

Today you will check out of the resort in the morning and be transferred to the airport for your return trip home. Depending on your flight times and final destination, you can fly straight home. If you have a layover, you may spend an extra night in Jakarta or Singapore before traveling on. These stopovers offer the opportunity to briefly enjoy another city before starting your final leg. Whether you continue immediately or have an extra night’s stay, you will look back on an unforgettable Bali diving holiday.

The accommodation

The stay and surroundings

Siddhartha OceanFront Resort & Spa

Spread over a sprawling 2.4 acres and bordered by more than 180 meters of ocean frontage, the Siddhartha Oceanfront Resort is not only a destination for divers, but also a haven for the soul and senses.

Indeed, at Siddhartha, the Six Elements Spa offers a serene retreat, a place of rest and rejuvenation. Each treatment is carefully crafted, combining traditional methods with expert techniques, and they are performed with premium, natural products. Inspired by Eastern wisdom, the spa rituals are designed around the six fundamental elements of the universe – air, wood, fire, earth, metal and water – which must be in harmony for balanced well-being. As icing on the cake, the unique lava stone cave invites you for a signature hot stone treatment.

Refined flavors, breathtaking ocean views and an ambiance that celebrates the beauty of nature – this is what you can expect from the open-air restaurant. Each dish is prepared with love and is a chance to enjoy against the backdrop of the garden and the ocean.

After dinner, immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the ocean pool, enjoy a book or just stare at the expanse of the sea. As the day progresses, toast the moment with a refreshing Piña Colada from the bar, with the mesmerizing Mount Agung gracing the horizon.

For the more active, there is also a state-of-the-art fitness center, equipped with everything you need to stay fit. Should you prefer a game, pool table, darts and table tennis await you in the gameroom.

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Travel costs

What is included

This dive vacation to Bali is available from €1785 per person based on two people in one room. The diving trip can be expanded as desired. A number of things are included by default in this travel package.

Prices are subject to price changes, increases or changing exchange rates. Flights are always based on the cheapest possible booking class.

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Included in this diving trip, from €1785, - p.p.

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Frequently asked questions about Siddhartha

Diving - general information

Boat diving and shore diving

Between 5 and 20 minutes

You can make up to 4 dives per day, in this package we assume 2 per day.

Yes, for a surcharge.

Yes, a very nice house reef!

Yes indeed, you can also learn to dive here. At Siddhartha, they work with SSI.

Yes, at the resort itself. Nice and easy.

Diving equipment

Standard diving is done with DIN, but they can provide adapters for INT regulators

Yes. This costs about €3.5 per tank

Yes this is free, you do need to be certified.

Activities, Excursions and Wellness

Yoga, Spa, Fitness, Gameroom

Lots of different kinds, including temple visits, rice field excursions, waterfall hikes, hot springs, biking in Ubud, bird park, visiting the market and quad/buggy tours!

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