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Diving in the pristine Sudan is truly amazing. Schools of hammerhead sharks, the famous Umbria wreck and more….
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February, March, April, May
Boatdiving, Rebreather diving, Tri-mix diving
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14 days from €3599,- p.p

April 2023: Due to unrest in Sudan, this trip is not bookable at this time. All of Sudan is Code Red. Follow the travel advisory via MinBuZa‘s site.

Unique diving vacation to Sudan

Diving in the pristine Sudanese waters of the Red Sea has never been easier. Hop aboard the luxury Royal Evolution liveaboard from Port Ghalib (Marsa Alam) in southern Egypt and enjoy a comfortable, safe and remarkable journey.
Royal Evolution is the only liveaboard in the Red Sea to offer diving trips to Sudan from Egypt. Ideal because traveling to Sudan by plane is quite difficult.

The liveaboard lasts a total of 2 weeks and sails past the most fascinating dive sites in the southern Egyptian Red Sea to the pristine wild underwater nature of the Sudanese part.

Unlike many popular diving destinations, Sudan boasts truly pristine marine life, a healthy shark population, huge schools of fish, virgin coral reefs and vibrant underwater landscapes. Diving conditions here are more extreme compared to the Egyptian part of the Red Sea, so Sudan is definitely the destination for more experienced divers.

There are a total of 2 Sudan routes that are sailed there. Sudan – 2 weeks & Sudan & Deep South. The difference between these two routes is that the Deep South route includes sailing to the North & South Suakin dive sites. These two routes alternate; ask us for the dates for each route.

Best Travel Time: The best time to dive in Sudan is from February to June. The months of February through April are also known as hammerhead shark season.

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Average Temperatures

Wetsuit advice for the Red Sea

In the summer months a 3mm is sufficient, but in the heart of winter a 7mm is wiser. In between, a 5mm will suffice.

What will you experience on this trip?

Route: Sudan - 2 Weeks

Day 1 - Travel to Marsa Alam

Today you will fly to Marsa Alam. Flying to Marsa Alam is possible from many airports in europe. The flight time of a direct flight from Amsterdam to Egypt takes about 5 hours. The exact duration may vary depending on factors such as flight path, airspeed and stopovers. At the airport, you will be picked up by the crew of the Royal Evolution. In the evening, the boat leaves for the first dive site of the program; Fury Shoals.

Day 2 - Fury Shoals / St. Johns

Today the diving adventure really begins. You will start the day with a check dive at Fury Shoals or St. Johns in southern Egypt. The underwater landscape of Fury Shoal and St. St. John’s Reef is unique and varied, with canyons, drop-offs and towering coral tops. Exploring these formations is very interesting. Diving at Fury Shoals or St. St. John’s Reef also offers the opportunity to see larger marine animals, such as reef sharks, turtles and barracudas. Today you will dive around this area all day and in the evening (after a night dive) you will sail to Shalat Reef.

Day 3 - Shalalat Reef & Port Sudan

In the morning, take a beautiful dive on the colorful Shalalat Reef. The reef has an array of coral formations, including hard and soft corals, and is home to a variety of marine species, including colorful tropical fish, moray eels, octopuses and nudibranchs. The shallow waters around the reef are perfect for snorkelers and novice divers, while the deeper waters allow more advanced divers to explore the fascinating underwater landscape.

After the morning dive, the boat sails on to Port Sudan.

Day 4 - Port Sudan & Umbria Wreck

In the early morning, we arrive in Port Sudan. This is where visa registration is arranged and payment of local taxes. This takes a total of about 2 to 3 hours.

After clearing customs, we will sail on to the Umbria wreck for one or two or three dives and possibly a night dive after dinner.

The breathtaking “Umbria” wreck that sank during World War II in 1940 is in perfect condition and houses a wide variety of cargo such as wines, cement, many weapons and 3 Fiat vehicles.

Day 5 - Sagnaneb Reef

Today we spend all day diving on the Sagnaneb Reef. Sanganeb, the largest atoll in the Red Sea, is located about an hour and a half north of “Umbria.” This reef rises from a depth of 800 meters to the surface.

The south plateau on Sanganeb is a fantastic dive and soft and hard corals with schools of Jack, Barracuda, Tuna and Snapper abound. Gray reef sharks cruise close to you with the occasional whitetip reef shark swimming by. There are occasional Hammerheads, Silky and Oceanic White Tips here, as well as occasional Manta rays.

The north plateau is also definitely an excellent dive. This is a deep dive with a lower plateau at 45 meters where many hammerhead sharks are found. It is common to see gray reef sharks, silvertip and whitetip here. Where the boat anchors in the lagoon, there is often a huge group of dolphins and it is normal to snorkel among them.

Day 6 & 7 - Shaab Rumi & Cousteau's Conshelf

Over the next two days, we dive on Shaab Rumi and Cousteau’s Conshelf. About 40 kilometers northeast of Port Sudan, the reef here has a plateau at 9 meters and a steep precipice.

Here, Jacques Cousteau and his team set up an underwater base to study the effects of a diver’s prolonged stay underwater once fully saturated with all the gases in his body. Hence, in 1963, the underwater expedition “Precontinent II” was launched.

The incredible result of this expedition was that the diver, once fully saturated, could possibly stay down forever if given enough air to breathe, but what is truly incredible is that this experiment took place in 1963. Scientists were way ahead of the times!

The remains of his expedition are still at this site and it is well worth taking a dip to see the equipment left behind.
South of Sha’ab Rumi is a plateau that is about 23 meters deep. Here you will find countless sharks, barracudas, jackfish, humphead parrotfish and almost anything else you can think of!

Sha’ab Rumi is a must-see for all visitors!

Day 8 - Toyota Wreck & Sha'ab Suedi

Today we start the day with an early morning dive at the Blue Belt (Toyota Wreck). In 1977, the Blue Belt collided with Sha’ab Suedi Reef in the Red Sea and sank off the coast of northern Sudan. It took its cargo of cars and trucks to the bottom of the sea, making it known today as the Toyota Wreck.

Later in the day, we take a dive on the northern plateau of Sha’ab Suedi. In the evening, we sail on to the Angarosh reef.

Day 9 - Angarosh reef

Today we spend all day diving on the Angarosh Reef.

Angarosh means “Mother of Sharks” and is aptly named because of the number of sharks found in this area.

Angarosh has two plateaus, the shallower plateau that descends to 25 meters and another plateau that descends to 45 meters.

Angarosh is an excellent dive site for seeing and photographing sharks. You can also see Barracudas swimming here, but the site is best known for its manta rays.

Day 10 - Abington Reef

Characterized by a lighthouse, this reef is only just emerging. The reef is rectangular with strong currents.

If you love turtles, Abington Reef is where you’re likely to see these curious creatures. They are truly delectable and always seem to enjoy having their picture taken!

The reef is also known to see schools of hammerhead sharks.

Day 11 - Merlo Reef

South of Angarosh is the Merlo reef. This reef rises from the depths. The east plateau starts 23m to 45m, with a small Habilli below the sea surface, during the morning dive we start here, looking for the sharks swimming around near the Habilli. We also find here many coral fish and beautiful soft coral formations, on the reef large snappers swim quietly next to divers.

In the afternoon we dive along the southwest wall, through canyons and under overhangs; the grouper mating season here begins in March.

Day 12 - Shaab El Hara & Abu Fanadir

On Shaab El Hara we will make a nice relaxing morning dive, then sail to Abu Fanadir (northern part of Sudan) for afternoon dives.

At the end of the day, we head back toward Egypt and sail to St. Petersburg. John’s.

Day 13 - St. Johns Reef

Depending on weather conditions and time of arrival, we will make one or two dives on the St. John’s reef. We then sail to White Rock for afternoon & final dive and then sail back to Port Ghalib.

One of the great advantages of St. John is that very few liveaboards visit this area, as most of them usually stay only one or one and a half days.

With warm, crystal clear waters and amazing sights, including caves, coral reefs and beautiful tropical fish, there is an entire underwater world waiting to be discovered when we come to St. John go.

Actually, St John’s has fantastic diving. Beautiful coral plus large schools of fish, turtles, dolphins and sharks. It is a collection of small reefs in the far south of Egypt with an area of about 290 km2.

Day 14 - Return home

The diving adventure has come to its end. Today you will leave the boat around 11:00 and fly back home. You will look back with great satisfaction on two weeks of diving in places few divers have been.

If the return flight home is not until much later in the day, we will arrange a day hotel. This also allows you to relax your last day before flying home.

The liveaboard

The stay on board

Royal Evolution

The Royal Evolution accommodates 24 guests in 12 suites and has a well-trained crew. The yacht features a spacious salon bar with an entertainment center, dining area for 24 and a library. There is an extensive dive deck with dive lockers, each with its own place for personal equipment. There is also a camera station with storage and maintenance for underwater photography and video equipment.

There are three different cabins on the boat: 2 deluxe suites with large beds on the main deck, 2 deluxe twin suits also on the main deck and 8 standard suite cabins on the lower deck. All with en-suite bathrooms.

Travel costs

What is included

This travel package is €3599 per person based on two people in a standard cabin suite and the itinerary: 2 Weeks Sudan. This price does not include the mandatory fees, listed below. The trip can be extended as desired. A number of things are included by default in this travel package.

Prices are subject to price changes, increases or changing exchange rates.

Want to know more about the possibilities? Get in touch with us!

Included in this trip, from €3599 p.p.

Attention! It is important to book the items below in advance. Upon arrival, these optional items are often no longer available.

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Frequently asked questions about this diving vacation

Diving general

Boat diving in the red sea

Close as you dive from the liveaboard, never more than a few minutes.

Yes among others on day 4.

Diving equipment

Yes, it costs €4 per day

Yes, this costs €70 for 6 days and €140 for 13 days.

Complete Regulator set €7/day
B.C.D. €5/day
Wet Suit €7/day
Mask €2/day
Finnish €2/day
Full equipment €20/day
Dive Computer €6/day
15 L Tank €4/day
Torches €6/day

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