The Bridge Dahab – Diving at the Blue Hole & Thistlegorm

Diving vacation to Dahab in Egypt. Stay at the Bridge Hotel in Dahab and enjoy diving around Dahab’s popular dive sites, including the Blue Hole and TheThistlegorm wreck.
Travel period
All year round
Boatdiving, Shore diving
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8 days from €738,- p.p

Diving vacation Dahab

Enjoy an 8-day diving vacation in enchanting Dahab, staying at the Dahab Bridge Hotel.

Diving in Dahab means good visibility underwater, reasonably calm water, lots of different marine life and a very relaxed atmosphere above water. Dahab is therefore ideal for both novice and experienced divers and for those who want some liveliness and conviviality nearby after diving. Special packages are even available for beginning divers.

From Dahab you can explore a number of famous dive sites in the Red Sea, including the Blue Hole, Canyon and the famous wreck the SS Thistlegorm with a length of up to 128 meters, making for unforgettable dives here.

Dive deeper into Dahab

Diving in Dahab is mainly known for the Blue Hole as well as the many shore dives you can do here. Still, we definitely recommend you also do some boat dives at, for example, the SS Thistlegorm wreck.

In addition to diving at this world-famous wreck, you can also go to Ras Mohammed National Park which offers fantastic current diving at Yolanda and Shark Reef. For many divers who have already been here, this dive site has landed in the top 10 best dives they have made.

Even more adventure and variety? Then go with a camel to Ras Abu Galum and spend the night under the stars or for a touch of mystery choose a day of boat diving at Gabr el Bint, a place known for its drop-offs with rich marine life and beautiful colorful corals.

Staying at The Bridge Dahab Hotel

With The Bridge Dahab Hotel, you have an ideal base in the heart of Dahab. Centrally located in the center of Masbat Bay, steps from the boardwalk, the Bridge Dahab Hotel is known for its cozy atmosphere. As a diver, you also benefit directly from one of Dahab’s best dive centers, Liquid Adventures, located directly in the hotel.

Best time to travel for a diving vacation to Dahab, Egypt

Diving in the Red Sea is possible year-round. Usually the sea is slightly calmer between September and May and visibility is best then. Water temperatures will be slightly lower, keep that in mind.

Diving club or group of friends? Given the favorable price, central location, variety of dives and plenty of activities above water, this diving vacation to Dahab is also extremely suitable for diving clubs and groups. For bookings with more than 6 people, one dinner in the desert is included.

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Average Temperatures

Wetsuit advice for Dahab, Egypt

In the heart of summer (June through September), a 3mm, shorty or even a skin will suffice. From October it gets colder and we still recommend at least a 5mm and maybe a 7mm from November to April.

What will you experience on this diving vacation?

View itinerary here

Day 1 | Flight to Sharm El Sheikh and transfer to Dahab

The journey to Dahab begins with a flight to Sharm El Sheikh. After arriving in Sharm El Sheikh, you will be picked up by hotel staff and the drive to Dahab will take about one hour.

Upon arrival in Dahab, check in at the hotel and immediately visit the dive center, Liquid Adventures Dahab to discuss dive plans and make preparations for the next few days. The spacious dive center offers excellent storage for your diving equipment, which you can leave behind with peace of mind.

The rest of the day you can relax, explore downtown Dahab and find a nice restaurant for dinner. 

Day 2 - 6 | The colorful world of Dahab

Each dive site in Dahab has its own unique characteristics: from the spectacular and well-known dive sites like the Canyon, the Blue Hole and the Bells, to the lesser-known but equally special spots like the Lighthouse and Umm Sid. Also, the private house reef directly in front of the dive center is ideal for night dives and refresher dives at the beginning of your vacation. Many of the dive sites are additionally suitable for snorkeling, which is nice for non-diving fellow travelers.

Dahab is also definitely a place where you can take multiple dive vacations. In fact, you can do very special diving trips here, in addition to the many “normal” dive sites, for an additional cost. Below are the main diving trips that we think you should have done at least once in Dahab.

Day trip 1: Go diving on the SS Thistlegorm: depart from the port of Sharm el Sheikh for an unforgettable dive around the famous SS Thistlegorm wreck. After diving around the wreck and exploring the historical relics inside, such as motorcycles and trucks, the day ends with a dive in Ras Mohammed National Park at Yolanda or Shark Reef.

Day trip 2: Eco camping in Ras Mohammed National Park: experience a unique combination of diving and camping under the stars. This adventure offers unlimited diving from the shore at this famous dive site, staying in tents on the beach and a large communal Bedouin tent.

Day Trip 3: Ras Abu Galum by camel: Explore the protected area of Ras Abu Galum with a spectacular camel ride. In addition to two to three dives in one of the most beautiful areas of the Red Sea, you will enjoy a locally prepared meal and breathtaking nature.

Day trip 4: Gabr El Bint by boat: A boat trip to Gabr El Bint, a beautiful dive site south of Dahab, is a must for any diver. Known for its impressive variety of hard and soft corals, gorgonians and countless species of fish, this trip offers a full day of diving and adventure, including spectacular views of the mountains of Sinai.

Good to know: Included in this trip is one day trip anyway. You have a choice of day trip 1 through 3. What do you choose?

Day 7 | No dive day in Dahab

You can’t dive today because you’re flying tomorrow. However, you won’t be bored because there is plenty to do in cozy Dahab.

Adventurers, for example, can participate in day trips to the enchanting white and colored canyons (book far in advance), a spectacular showcase of Egypt’s natural splendor. 

Shopping enthusiasts can go enjoy organized trips to Sharm el Sheikh, a hotspot for vibrant markets. 

Culture enthusiasts can indulge in a visit to the Unesco heritage site,St. Catherine’s Monastery or hike the legendary Mount Sinai, where according to the Bible, Moses received the 10 commandments from God.

A real must in our opinion is an authentic Bedouin barbecue in the desert, a culinary and cultural experience that takes you into the rich traditions of the region. 

Day 8 | Transfer to the airport and flight home

After a wonderful and relaxing diving vacation in Dahab, it is unfortunately time to say goodbye. Today you will be transferred back to Sharm El Sheikh airport to continue your journey home.

The accommodation

The stay and surroundings

The Dahab Bridge Hotel

The Bridge Dahab Hotel in Dahab is a small boutique hotel with 12 stylishly decorated rooms spread over three buildings, designed and run by divers for divers.

The hotel is an ideal base for diving enthusiasts seeking quality and convenience during their diving vacation in Dahab, as every detail has been thought of here.

There is a variety of room choices, including single to triple rooms (double or twin) and connected rooms, all equipped with air conditioning. So it is ideal for solo adventurers, couples, friends or families.

After an impressive day underwater, the hotel’s sun terrace and central pool offer the perfect place to relax, read a book or simply soak up the sun.

You stay here on a bed & breakfast basis. For lunch and dinner, visit the many cozy eateries in Dahab.

Travel costs

What is included

This dive vacation to Dahab is available from €738 per person based on two people in one room. The diving trip can be expanded as desired. A number of things are included by default in this travel package.

Prices are subject to price changes, increases or changing exchange rates. Flights are always based on the cheapest possible booking class.

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Included in this diving trip, from €738, - p.p.

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Frequently asked questions about this diving vacation

Diving in Dahab general information

Most diving in Dahab is shore diving, but there are 2 dive sites far to the south and far to the north that can only be reached by boat. The name of the dive site in the north is Ras Abu Galum and in the south it is Gabr El Bint. For wreck diving, they have the Thistlegorm, one of the top 10 most famous in the world. Drift diving can be done at many dive sites in Dahab, the most famous being the Bells Blue Hole.

The 2 dive sites dived by boat both take about an hour and 15 minutes to get there. As for the dive sites on the coast, the farthest of them is 15 minutes by car from the dive center. So thanks to the dive center’s central location, you’ll be everywhere in no time!

The average number of dives you can do in one day is normally 2 dives per day, for example one day dive and one night dive, or 2 dives per day and one in the afternoon. But if you like to do 4 dives a day, that is also possible – then you can extend your dive package.

For night diving, there are a few dive sites, the best of which is the house reef called Mashraba.

They have one of the most beautiful house reefs called Mashraba, you always dive here with a dive guide.

Yes, PADI diving courses are offered

The diving school is in the hotel.

Diving equipment

DIN, with INT adapters available (free of charge)

Yes, a 15L is free

Nitrox is free unless you have a 15L tank, then it costs €5 per tank

Yes, the price is 20 euros per day for the full diving equipment and if you also want to rent a dive computer, the price comes to 30 euros per day.

Activities, Excursions and Wellness

Yes, all dive sites in Dahab are suitable for snorkeling, including directly in front of the hotel at the house reef. As for the price, if you dive on the boat, it costs about 60 euros for the day, including lunch. If it is from the coast, the price is 10 euros, including transportation and permits.

They have a rooftop terrace used for (free) yoga.

There is a swimming pool.

Accommodation / Resort

Yes, there are two Wi-Fi points and use is free.

Yes, only for breakfast.

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