Okeanos II Aggressor – Liveaboard Cocos Island

Cocos Island is one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world, with the Okeanos Aggressor II you will discover in 10 days what it’s all about.
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Diving around Cocos Island

Diving around Cocos Island, Isla del Coco, located off the coast of Costa Rica, is an unforgettable experience. Cocos Island is known for large populations of hammerhead sharks. These magnificent creatures can be found in large numbers around the island, especially at the famous dive site known as “Dirty Rock.” This dive site is located on the north side of the island. Divers can expect dozens of hammerhead sharks, as well as other types of sharks, such as Galapagos sharks and silky sharks. Cocos Island is also home to a wide variety of tropical fish, including parrotfish, moonfish and schooling snappers. The island is also a great place to see sea turtles, eagle rays and even the occasional humpback whale.

Cocos Island is an uninhabited island protected by the Costa Rican government. The best way to explore Cocos Island and the surrounding waters is to take a liveaboard diving trip. Cocos Island is about 550 km from the Costa Rican mainland.

These trips typically last 10 days and allow divers to explore the many different dive sites around the islands.

In short, diving in the Cocos Islands, Costa Rica, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed. The islands’ clear waters and diverse marine life make it a divers’ paradise.

Best travel time: The best time to dive at Cocos Island is from December to May. During this period, water temperatures are warmest and visibility is best. In addition, this is the dry season and the chances of nice weather and calm sea are greatest. This is also when the hammerhead sharks are most active.

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Average Temperatures

Wetsuit advice for Cocos Island

At least a 3mm wetsuit is smart, as the water temperature is around 26-29°C. For many divers, it’s a good idea to bring a 5mm wetsuit for extra warmth while diving.

What will you experience on this trip?

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Day 1 - The journey to Costa-Rica

Today you will fly to Costa-Rica. There are several options for flying to San Jose, Costa Rica. Some of the major airlines operating flights on this route include KLM and Delta Airlines. Flight times typically range from 11-15 hours, depending on the airline and the number of stopovers. KLM flies direct to San Jose on some days.

There is always an overnight stay prior to the liveaboard trip in San Jose. Since you will be picked up tomorrow by Aggressor at the Park Inn Radisson, we always check first to see if there is availability there.

Day 2 & 3 - From Puntarenas to Cocos Island

Today you will be picked up at the Park Inn Radisson in San Jose in the late morning/early afternoon. By private bus you will be taken to Puntarenas with the other divers. This ride takes about 1.5 hours.

From Puntarenas, the boat leaves for Cocos Island. The crossing takes about 36 hours. Along the way is a variety of entertainment, including (dive) movies, fish identification slide shows, games and more. If you have a favorite movie, digital slideshow or video to share, you can bring it with you. The staff loves new releases of movies, magazines and books.

At the end of Day 3, you will arrive at Cocos Island. It is too late to dive by then, and night diving is not allowed. But not to worry, after one more good night’s sleep, the diving fest begins.

Day 4 to 10 Diving around Cocos Island

Over the next 7 days you will make about 28 dives. So that means 4 dives a day. Diving takes place all around Cocos Island and there are many different dive sites. Here is a sampling of some of the most beautiful dive sites.

Alcyone: A 600′ long submerged mountain, the top of the mountain is 75′ from the surface. Schooling hammerhead sharks, manta rays and schools of fish. Possible sailfish or marlin.

Big Dos Amigos: This islet has a 14-meter-high arch and a 60-meter-high peak on the southeast side. Look for Rainbow Runners, Yellowtail Snapper, Bigeye Jacks and lobster. Hammerhead sharks swim between the top and the arch.

Bird Island, Chatham Bay: Pigeon off Chatham Bay, southeast of Manuelita, this site offers a variety of marine life, including frogfish, lobsters, moray eels, rays, whitetip sharks and hammerhead sharks. There is even a cleaning station.

Dirty Rock: A large island with schools of Marble Rays and Hammerhead Sharks.

Lone Stone: Schooling Marble Rays and Mobula Rays.

Manuelita: The northeast corner has a high wall. Lots of White Tips, Marble Rays and schools of Creoles.

Ubing Rock, Wafer Bay: This 300-foot rock starts at 20 feet and drops to a 110-foot sandy bottom. The southeastern slope attracts schools of hammerhead sharks.

Day 10 & 11 - Return to Puntarenas

After the last dives on Day 10, the boat begins the crossing back to Puntarenas. Here you will arrive on the night of day 11 to day 12. Tired, but satisfied, you can already start working on your photos, exchange contact information with other divers and perhaps write a trip report for publication on our website.

Day 12 - Arrival Puntarenas & return home

Early in the morning, around 7 a.m., you will leave the boat and be taken back to San Jose by van. Depending on the flight time, you can continue to the airport in 1x to fly home. Since the transfer takes about 1.5 hours, it is only possible to book a flight with departure from 12:30 in the afternoon. Early flights may not make it.

Book a tailor-made roundtrip following this diving vacation.
Would you like to stay longer in Costa-Rica and explore the country above water as well? Costa Rica is known for its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests and diverse wildlife. Popular tourist attractions include Manuel Antonio National Park, Arenal Volcano, Tortuguero National Park, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Corcovado National Park, Rincon de la Vieja National Park and the Nicoya Peninsula. We can arrange a customized round trip.

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The liveaboard

The stay

Okeanos Aggressor II

Okeanos Aggressor II has a capacity of 22 divers, divided into eleven 2-person cabins. The master stateroom has a queen bed, suite No. 2 has 2 twin beds and suite No. 11 has a king bed. The suites are equipped with a large window, wooden floor, large monitor with media player, minibar/fridge, dining table if one wishes to eat in the room, a large bathroom with tavertine floor with toilet and shower. Dw other cabins have a double bed downstairs and a single bed upstairs. of course with private shower and toilet, bathrobe, toiletries, hair dryer and clean towels every day.

Okeanos Aggressor II has a sun deck partially covered with lounge chairs, a bar and CD player. There is a BBQ area, freezer, refrigerator, a platform with 2 hot water showers, a storage area for fins and 2 ladders to get out of the water. The dive deck has personal lockers for diving equipment, rinse tanks and camera table with low-pressure air syringe. Rental equipment is available on board if you experience problems with your own materials. Lead, lead belt and aluminum tanks are available, as well as DIN adapters.

There is entertainment on board during the liveaboard. Land excursions can be made during the trips to bays and beaches where it is possible to dock. There is always an option for snorkeling. One has facilities for underwater photography and an entertainment set with TV, DVD, stereo and various books and movies.

Travel costs

What is included

This travel package is €5750 per person based on two people in one deluxe stateroom. The trip can be extended as desired. A number of things are included by default in this travel package.

Prices are subject to price changes, increases or changing exchange rates. Flights are always based on the cheapest possible booking class.

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Included in this trip, from €5750 p.p.

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This travel package is €1499 per person and can be expanded as desired. A number of things are included by default in this travel package. Prices are subject to price changes, increases or changing exchange rates.

This travel package is €1499 per person and can be expanded as desired. A number of things are included by default in this travel package. Prices are subject to price changes, increases or changing exchange rates.

This travel package is €1499 per person and can be expanded as desired. A number of things are included by default in this travel package. Prices are subject to price changes, increases or changing exchange rates.

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