Nabucco Island Resort – Borneo, Kalimantan

Diving vacation to Nabucco Island Resort – Indonesia. Stay on the private island of Nabucco Island Resort and make the most beautiful dives daily in the Sulawesi Sea including manta rays, sharks and more!
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May, June, July, August, September, October, November
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11 days from €1639,- p.p

Diving vacation Indonesia: Nabucco Island Resort

Imagine a diving vacation on Nabucco Island, an idyllic islet in Indonesia tucked away in the Maratua Atoll of Borneo-Kalimantan. This private island offers everything for a perfect diving and relaxation vacation: stunning views, pristine nature, and world-class dive spots.

Diving in Maratua Atoll: An Underwater Paradise

The diving in the Maratua Atoll is spectacular. Because of the strong currents, there is a rich supply of food, resulting in an incredible diversity of marine life. You will see large schools of barracudas, various reef fish, sharks, and manta rays. Unique is “The Channel” or “Big Fish Country,” one of the top dive sites in Borneo, where you will find beautiful macro life in addition to large marine life.

Staying at Nabucco Island Resort: Eco-friendly Enjoyment

The Nabucco Island Resort is a small, intimate resort, built harmoniously among the existing flora without cutting down a single palm tree. The resort is committed to sustainability with a water treatment plant, rainwater harvesting and solar energy. Here you will enjoy the rare coconut crabs, lizards, kingfishers and more, in a beautiful, eco-friendly environment.

Best travel time for a diving vacation to Maratua

The best time to go on diving vacation to Kalimantan-Borneo is between May and October – then there is the least chance of rain. Diving is possible year-round, although visibility can sometimes be more limited during the rainy season from October to January. The water temperature remains constant around 27 degrees, while the air temperature is usually around 31 degrees.

Tip! Just a 30-minute boat ride from Nabucco Island Resort is the sister resort Nunukan Island Resort. These two resorts combine perfectly, taking calm dives on Nunukan’s house reef – with perhaps a trip to Jellyfish Lake. Then you move on to Nabucco, closer to the dive sites with current and action ánd so big stuff.

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Average Temperatures

Wetsuit advice for Nabucco

Throughout the year, the water temperature is between 27℃ & 28℃. A 3mm full wetsuit will then suffice in most cases.

What will you experience on this diving vacation?

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Day 1 to 2 | Trip to Balikpapan

The first two days of your trip are mostly about flying. First, you fly from Europe to Balikpapan via Jakarta. Depending on the flight times, you will stay overnight in Jakarta or Balikpapan or fly directly to Berau. From Berau, you will take a boat across to Nabucco. We do our best to make sure your flights are as compatible as possible, so your trip is smooth and comfortable – but you’ll be on the road for a while.

Day 3 | Arrival at Nabucco Island Resort

After a long journey, today you will arrive in paradise: Nabucco Island! This will be your home for the next week, where you will enjoy yourself to the fullest. After checking in, calmly unpack your gear and get acquainted with the diving school. Take time to relax and explore the island. Meet the island’s unique inhabitants, such as the coconut crab. You can also book a relaxing massage or snorkel around the jetty to get your first impressions of the underwater world. Welcome to this piece of paradise where your adventure begins!

Note: Arrival is always possible only on Wednesday & Saturday.

Day 4 to 8 | Diving around the Maratua Atoll

Today you will begin diving at Extra Divers in the Maratua Atoll. Led by Martin and Friska, the dive center, located on the jetty, offers several boat dives a day to about 25 different dive sites. In small groups of up to 6 divers per guide, experience the diversity of the underwater world here, from small spectacular sea creatures to impressive reef channels with strong currents, where sharks and manta rays swim around.

The top spot is “Big Fish Country,” a reef channel with strong currents, just a five-minute boat ride from Nabucco. This spot, famous for its large schools of barracudas and sharks, is special during rising tides. Every dive here offers a unique experience.

For more variety, there are day trips to Sangalaki and Kakaban (at an additional cost). Sangalaki, known for its manta rays, offers a rich underwater world even when the manta rays do not appear. Kakaban, famous for its jellyfish lake, is a unique snorkeling experience, while the ocean walls around the island are rich in marine life ranging from turtles to sharks.

Day 9 | Relax day

Diving is not on the program today, since you may be flying tomorrow. But don’t worry, Maratua has plenty to offer! You can rent a bike to explore the island, ride past jungles and beaches, and enjoy the fresh sea breeze and stunning ocean views.

For those who prefer walking, there is a fascinating tour to the main village of Maratua. Here you will meet the hospitable locals and experience their simple but rich lifestyle.

Also be sure not to miss the unique swimming cave of Maratua, a hidden gem connected to the ocean that offers an unforgettable experience.

Day 10 & 11 | Back home, Orang-Utans or Island hopping?

At the end of your journey, you are faced with a choice. Extend your stay by taking the boat in about 30 to 45 minutes to Nunukan Island Resort or Virgin Cocoa Resort, where even more diving adventures await you. Another option is a trek through the jungle, where you can come face to face with Orang Utans – a truly amazing experience. A tour of the jungle can be done from a few days to several weeks…. This is customization! Or, yes, is it time to go home…? Unfortunately, all beauty eventually comes to an end – but you can postpone it.

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Nabucco Island Resort

The stay and surroundings

Located on a remote island near Kalimantan, Nabucco Island Resort offers an idyllic retreat with 18 rooms in 12 bungalows, including oceanfront and garden view options. These eco-friendly accommodations are equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, refrigerator and terraces with sun beds. The resort offers half or full board with a variety of options, including a la carte breakfast and 3 & 4-course dinners featuring local and international dishes. Guests can enjoy activities such as beach volleyball, snorkeling, and scuba diving, while relaxation is offered with massages and a unique sunset bar. Payment can be made in euros and dollars, and free Wi-Fi is available downtown.

Travel costs

What is included

This diving vacation to Nabucco Island Resort is available from €1639 per person based on two people in one seafront room. Are you traveling alone or desire a single room? Then this trip is available from €1875. p.p. The diving trip can be expanded as desired. A number of things are included by default in this travel package.

Prices are subject to price changes, increases or changing exchange rates. Flights are always based on the cheapest possible booking class.

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Included in this diving trip, from €1639,- p.p.

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Frequently asked questions about this diving vacation

Diving at Extra Divers at Nabucco Island Resort - general information

Boat diving and depending on the dive site, this dive may be a drift dive.

More than 20 local dive sites at the Maratua atoll can be reached within 5 to 20 minutes from the island. To reach Kakaban/Sangalaki (day trip), the boat ride takes about 45 to 60 minutes.

Extra Divers offers 3 dives per day, usually single dives where you return after each dive, sometimes half-day trips (2 dives) and day trips (3 dives), plus early morning dives, twilight dives and night dives on request.

Yes, this is upon request and at an additional charge.

No, the nearby Nunukan Resort does have a house reef.

Yes, several SSI diving courses are offered. You can learn to dive or specialize here.

Yes, the diving school is on the resort and available from the jetty.

Diving equipment

DIN with INT inserts available

Prices below are per day:

Wetsuit €7.00
BCD €7.00
Regulator € 7.00
Mask/ Snorkel/ Fins € 6,00
Computer – mandatory per diver € 7.00
Full Equipment € 28.00
Torch €7.00

Activities, Excursions and Wellness

Yes definitely, you can snorkel all around the island and snorkeling trips are also offered, where you join the divers.

Maratua ~1h € 11.00
Maratua 1/2 day trip € 21.00
Sangalaki/Kakaban €45.00

At the resort you will find a library, there are beach volleyball opportunities, a chess set, you can snorkel around the island by the jetty and explore the island.

For a fee, you can visit a local village on Maratua or book a massage.

Accommodation / Resort

Yes, but the connection is not very fast because of its remote location.

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