Baseleader Antonio vertelt…

Gepubliceerd op 20 april 2016 in Verhalen

Baseleader Antonio vertelt…

Niets mooier natuurlijk dan dat er positief over je gepraat wordt! Lees maar eens wat António Garcias, ‘onze’ baseleader op Kaapverdië te vertellen heeft over zijn ervaring met EWDR.

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The only thing that I want that you understand, is that we are always working for the welfare of our costumers and partners, thats the reason why since the beginning I recommend the EWDR. We already had here several costumers from Netherlands that come by themselves, and a lot that come through EWDR, and the reason why I recommend them is only because you can save a lot of money and a lot headaches try to book direct things here.

You know what flight companies maintain their schedules for Cape Verde? (EWDR knows) Do you know the best places to stay that meet your real needs (tranquility or night life, near walking distance from markets or dive center, or faraway from everything? (EWDR knows). Do you know that if you want to stay on the Islands best hotel (EWDR can explain why it’s the best), you will pay between 110 to 135 euros per night double room? You know that EWDR sells 7 nights on that hotel with 10 dives inclusive for around 600 euros (only 10 dives you pay 360 euros)? Saves you € 145,- per person. That’s a done deal!


You know thats its almost impossible to book a car in Sao Vicente and Santo Antao through the web (and if you book most of the times they have a excuse and don’t give you the car or pay more)? EWDR can give you a car direct on the airport, and you leave it there on you get back home… I can stay all day explain you the reason why we work exclusively with EWDR, but is simple, they had been here, they know by themselves the reality, how it works, and after speaking with the costumers, they can the fit the program to the costumer needs, with a better price than book direct, this is only a couple of reasons why we work with EWDR and strongly recommend it.

But of course you are free to choose and the way you want to book your ‘holidays’. (I wish you luck, probably you will need it). You can be sure that EWDR and we will do our best for your group to have the best possible underwater experience, meanwhile you can complete relax. =)

Best regards,
António Garcias


Antonio, baseleader van duikschool Dive Tribe op Kaapverdie. Wil je meer weten over Kaapverdie? Lees hier de 6 redenen waarom Kaapverdie een echte aanrader is als duikbestemming.

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