Solomon Islands

Possibly the most untouched paradise on earth…..

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Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

Price: € 2719

  • Explorer the Solomon Islands on a Liveaboard
  • Visit a cultural village and experience a sing sing / dance ritual
  • Wrecks from WW2 and prestine untouched soft/hard corals
  • 9 Different species of Anemonefish

The Solomon Islands

Just a 4 hour flight away from Brisbane, Australia, you’ll find the Solomon Islands in the magical Pacific Ocean. There are a total of 992 islands of which only 147 are inhabited. Poster card beaches, pristine nature, tropical temperatures and a smile on the face of the locals… that is the Solomon Islands.

Pristine Diving

The quality of diving around the Solomon Islands is very high. Beautiful hard and soft corals attract a huge diversity of fish and bigger pelagic life. Macro divers will be pleased to hear about the presence of the pygmy seahorse, ornate ghostpipe fish, many different nudibranches and 9 different species of Anemone fish. Note that the Flame Angelfish can also be spotted if you’re lucky.

Wrecks and wrecks

The Solomon Islands have a rich history of war. Especially during World War 2 there was a lot of fighting going on between the Japanese, Americans and Australians. The results of this war now lie on the bottom of the ocean, often well preserved. Ships, planes and submarines…. It’s all there! And often new wrecks are still discovered.

Discover the Solomon Islands per Liveaboard

One of the best ways to discover the Solomon Islands is per liveaboard. EWDR works with the two companies that are active in the Solomons; MV Bilikiki and the Master’s Solomon PNG Taka. Both boats offer 7 and 10 day intineraries.

Master Solomons PNG Liveaboard (Taka)

Starting at €2719,- per person.

The Taka sails many different routes through the Solomon Islands and even offers technical diving on specific trips. You make usually 4 dives a day and have plenty of time to relax between dives. In some cases the Taka sails all the way to or from Papua New Guinea, offering you the possibility to combine two countries in one trip.

MV Bilikiki

Starting at €3679,- per person

This is the boat for the absolute die hard divers, with 5 dives a day you’ll spend more time below the surface than above. On the 7 day trips the Bilikiki visits the Russel Islands and Florida Islands, whilst on the 10 day trip they extend their intinerary with the beautiful Marovo Lagoon.

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