Magnificent Azores

Dive around the 9 stunning islands that make up the Azores.

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Magnificent Azores

Azores, Portugal

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  • One of the best dive destinations in the world
  • Blue sharks, Mako sharks, Mobula rays
  • Great for underwater photography
  • Suitable for every level!

You will find the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, about 1500 kilometers from the mainland of Portugal. The Azores are made up out of 9 beautiful islands, each with their own characteristics. And the diving? Absolutely breathtaking! Some of the best in the world!


Scuba Diving in the Azores

Due to the deep waters around the azores and the currents that flow through it, the Azores is rich of aquatic life. Whales, dolphines, sharks and rays are all frequently sighted animals. Did you know that there are alone 27 different whales and dolphins around the Azores?


The best diving around the Azores

Mobula’s at Princess Alice; One of the best divesites is Princess Alice Island. It’s a sea mount approximately 85 kilometers from Pico. It’s the site to sport mobula’s (devil rays), manta rays, jacks, huge tuna’s and barracuda’s. Absolutely spectaculair if you love big fish.

Blue Sharks & Mako Sharks; You’ll find these beautiful creatures when Blue Water diving. Meaning you’ll be diving in the open ocean, far from the coast. It’s a lifetime experience, suitable for experienced divers only. Shark expeditions usually take up 6 hours per trip.

MV Dori – wreck dive: With the top of her stern at a depth of only 9 metres, and the bow in the deepest part at 20 metres, the Dori shipwreck is a great place for all types of dive and snorkelling trips. Considered by many as the best dive site on the island of São Miguel, this wrecked Liberty ship on the sandy seafloor was built during the Second World War in the United States.

Formigas & Dollabarat: Local long known for unique dives and encounters with large pelagic species, the small group of islets Formigas lies between the islands of São Miguel and Santa Maria. There are several dive sites around Formigas. The most frequented places are: The Wall and the northern tip of this small islands known as places of passage of large schools of pelagic and a small down to 8 meters depth located about 50 meters South of Formigas known as a place of passage of manta rays.

Best time to visit the Azores

July till October: Princess Alice Island (Mobula Rays & Manta’s)
July till October: Contador (Blue sharks and Mako sharks)
April & May: Baleen Whales, Dolphins & Spermwhales
June, July & August: Baleen Whales, Dolphins & Spermwhales with babies
September & October: Baleen Whales, Dolphins & Spermwhales

Dive conditions

Watertemperature: Between 16 and 25C (apr/oct)
Visibility: Approx 20/30 meters
Best time: May till October

Whale watching

On all the islands of the Azores we work with partners who offer whale watching. Come out for a day, or even half a day and enjoy the sightings of possibly 27 different species of whales and dolphins! We can never guarentee anything, but you’ll be extremely unlucky if you don’t see whales on a whale watch trip here!

Let us organise your entire Azores trip

Are you ready for a trip to the beautiful Azores? Let us know what you’re after (which islands, or what kind of aquatic life etc) and we will take care of the rest. We can build you a custom trip, no matter where you’re from in the world. We can sort out flights, accomodation, dives, transfers and whale watching! You just need to show up at the right time, easy.