Guadalupe and Socorro back-to-back

Great White’s and Manta’s on the same trip!

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Guadalupe and Socorro back-to-back

Mexico (Guadalupe & Socorro)

Price: € 8100

  • Only possible once a year
  • Only bookable at EWDR
  • Great Whites & Manta Rays
  • Dive in a SPOC (Self Propelled Ocean Cage)

Date: 22 October till 7 November

Great White’s and Manta encounters during one dive trip? Eye to eye with the impressive elephant seal? And as a bonus diving in a Self Propelled Ocean Cage? It’s all possible on this exclusive back-to-back Mexico dive trip with EWDR.

The back to back trip of 2020!

There are two seasons in Mexico. The Manta ray season from August till October at Socorro and the Great White season from November till June. This means that only once a year it’s possible to combine the two seasons. And for the year 2020 EWDR has chartered the entire Solmar V vessle! And we didn’t just do that, we also tweaked the program to offer our customers an even more unique experience.

Elephant Seals

How cute is this animal? It’s an Elephant Seal and he lives in Guadalupe island as well as San Benito Island. There’s a specific area where only the Solmar V can get to and we get a chance to meet them! With no other liveaboard this is possible. Did you know that this “cutie” can weigh upto 4000kg?

NEW! The SPOC: Self Propelled Ocean Cage

Until recently only scientist could make use of this special vehicle, the SPOC. It’s basically a cage with an engine and pilot that “swims” with the great whites in Guadalupe!

The SPOC can be booked for €750,- per dive. We’re limited to 9 dives at Guadalupe and we’re with 22 divers. This means only 9 out of these 22 divers will be fortunate enough to experience the SPOC immersion. Don’t wait with booking this extra feauture as the demand is already high.

The trip to Mexico

Our trip starts in Ensenada Mexico, which is easy to reach both from the US as well as Mexico. If possible we recommend you to fly to San Diego as the Solmar V will offer complimentary pick up from this location. Ask us which hotel is suitable for complimentary pick up.

The trip ends in Cabo San Lucas, which has an airport as well.

Easy travelling!

Great Whites at Guadalupe

Our trip starts in Guadalupe where we will be diving in cages with the Great White Sharks. Before we get to that point we will have to make our way there, from Ensenada to Guadalupe the boat ride will take about 20 hours. So make yourself comfortable! Once we arrive we will make a total of 9 dives spread out over 3 days.

Wine in Ensenada

After returning from Guadalupe, the Solmar V will need to prepare for the journey to Socorro. Whilst the crew is getting the vessel ready, we will be at a scenic vinyard in Valle de Guadalupe. Tasting great wines and enjoying some tasty food. To return all satisfied around 10PM for the next part of our journey; San Benito Island. Journey time: 32 hours approximately.

On-board entertainment

During the days that we’re on sea and not diving, we will provide you with some fun entertainment. Like talks about the magnificent animals we enounter during this trip or possible an underwater photography crash course. Let us know if you’re interested in something specific, we’ve quite a nice group already with many different skills, ready to accomodate requests. Mail us at

San Benito Island, Cedros Island and Roca Alijos

At San Benito Island we will be diving with Sea lions. The dives are made in a kelp forest. How is that for a change of scenery from great whites in cages? After our dives we continue a short distance to Cedros Island where we also expect to find Sea lions. The next stop is Roca Alijos, an open pinnancle, West of Baja California. The marine life around this pinnacle is very divers. Expect good visibility and different kinds of sharks!

Roca Partida, Socorro and  San Benedicto

Enjoy Manta rays, dolphin and possible even bigger pelagics at Socorro and it’s surrounding islands. Everything is possible on the last few days of diving during this unique trip.

Day to Day Schedule:

22 oct: Start journey with Solmar V in Ensenada, Mexico
23 oct: Guadalupe Island / Great Whites
24 oct: Guadalupe Island / Great Whites
25 oct: Guadaulpe Island / Great Whites
26 oct: Ensenada: Wine tour, departure to San Benito
27 oct: Sea day
28 oct: San Benito / Sea Lions
29 oct: Cedros Island / Sea Lions
30 oct: Sea day
31 oct: Roca Alijos / Ocean pinnacle
01 nov: Sea day
02 nov: Sea day
03 nov: Roca Partida / different sharks
04 nov: Socorro / Manta rays
05 nov: San Benedicto / Manta rays
06 nov: Sea day
07 nov: Arrival at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico