Amsterdam & the Red Sea

Combine spectatular diving in the Red Sea with a visit to The Netherlands

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Amsterdam & the Red Sea

The Netherlands & Egypt

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Especially for Americans and Canadians thinking of diving in The Red Sea; a stop over in The Netherlands.

Why? Because it’s on your way anyway and it will break the long journey to the beautiful Red Sea!

  • 3 Day The Netherlands Tour, including a windmill tour
  • A liveaboard trip in Egypt or hotel & diving package
  • Optional extra; Nile cruise

The Red Sea is one of the most beautiful places in the world to dive. But especially from North America, it’s not always easy to reach! Especially for our customers from America we’ve now put together a stop-over package in The Netherlands in combination with excellent Red Sea diving. Have a nice 3 day break after flying for 8+ hours from the States or Canada and then continue onwards to Egypt (approx 4,5 hr flight). On your way back you can do the same thing or possibly go straight home. It’s up to you!


During your 3 day stop over you’ll be sleeping in a hotel in Amsterdam. Wander around the many canals that Amsterdam is rich. Admire the paintings of Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh in our famous museums. Sample different kinds of cheeses and visit our flower markets. The Netherlands, and especially Amsterdam, has it all and much more!

Windmill Tour

The Netherlands is famous for it’s windmills. On your second day in Holland we will take you on a Windmill tour where you can experience some of the rich Dutch culture and see for yourself what’s all the windmill fuss is about!

Diving the Red Sea, Egypt

The Red Sea is one of the most diverse and beautiful dive destinations in the world. It’s not surprising that it’s the number one dive holiday destination for Europeans. The water in summer months can reach upto 30C and in the colder winter months you’ll be looking at about 23C and up. Visibility is usually 10+ meters, often more and there’s a lot going on below the surface. You can explorer Egypt both by liveaboard and enjoy one of the many different safari routes or book yourself in a hotel and enjoy day diving whilst also getting a feeling of the Egyptian culture.

Nile cruise and other cultural activities

If you like we can also be of service with cultural activities. Egypt is famous for the Nile river and the pyramids. We can arrange as an extension a Nile cruise or several day tours that cover some of Egypts historical sights. Ask us about the possibilities, happy to set up a custom trip just for you! In Egypt, everything is possible.

Liveaboard trips:

Northern Wreck route

In the North of the Red Sea you’ll find a lot of famous wrecks. Wrecks such as the Thistlegorm and Rosalie Mullier (both from WW2) as well as merchant ships that hit one of the many shallow reefs and sank. There are liveaboards that do full wreck routes but also from the shore you can reach some wrecks. A liveaboard is recommended if you want to see as many different wrecks as possible as from shore it will simply be to far of a drive to see them all.

Brothers, Deadelus and Elphinstone

Another fantastistic liveaboard route is the BDE Safari. Treat yourself to oceanic white tips (longimanus sharks), hammerheads and reef sharks. This route is really perfect for the shark lover and can only be done by liveaboard. We’ve got boats departing from Marsa Alam as well as Hurghada.

St. Johns & the beautiful South

Famous for it’s beautiful tunnels and colourful corals is St. Johns, all in the Southern part of the Egyptian Red Sea. Here you’ll find easy diving, many swim troughs and tunnels. Breathtaking when the sun light shines through the water. Expect turtles, rays (even electric rays!), a plentora of clown fish, the occasional reef shark and many more tropical fish. Most dives stay well above 30 meters, often around 18, making this the most suitable safari route for beginning divers as well.

Shore diving

If you’re not keen on doing a liveaboard, there’s some really good shore diving options too. Favorites of us are Marsa Alam, a city located right in the middle of the Red Sea where you’ll find a dugong if lucky, plenty of turtles and easy diving. Another gem, much quieter is Safaga just underneath Hurghada in the North. Here you’ll have many wall dive sites, such as Panorama Reef where often Manta Rays swim by as well as dolphins.

Let us know what interest you and we will be able to advice you from our own experience. We’ve visited Egypt many many times and plan to visit it again and again in the future!