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Learn to dive or take advanced training under the guidance of experienced diving instructors from DiveForce Utrecht.

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Diving on Bonaire

In winter, taking dive training is not for everyone. Especially not because it is simply too cold to dive in Dutch waters in winter. But, they have a solution for that at DiveForce…. The Winter Course: Learning to Dive on Bonaire.

By default, DiveForce already offers the Open Water vacation course. You then do the theory and the five pool dives in the Netherlands. With a referral form, you can then complete your certification at a local PADI dive school at your vacation address with warm blue water. At EWDR, we are happy to facilitate this.

But wouldn’t it be even more fun if DiveForce’s instructors travel with you to Bonaire’s blue warm waters with beautiful reefs and fish to complete your dive training?

Every year the DiveForce dive school in cooperation with EWDR organizes the winter course: Learn to Dive Bonaire. In 9 days you get your PADI Open Water certification, your PADI Advanced certification and/or a number of PADI Specialties of your choice such as Nitrox, Navigation and Deep Diving. Of course, you put together your own dive training package.

We are already completing all preparations for training in the Netherlands before leaving for Bonaire. So you do the theory and, where necessary, pool training first in the Netherlands. On Bonaire, you do the outdoor dives with us.

Summary: Dive trip to Bonaire for 9 days from Monday, Feb. 5 to Thursday, Feb. 14, 2024.

Sign up by November 1, 2023

Complete various PADI dive courses of your choice with DiveForce instructors:

You put together your own dive training package. If there is sufficient interest, we can also offer other PADI dive courses and Specialty’s. So you will quickly be trained as an experienced diver and we will guide you along the many beautiful dive sites on Bonaire for an unforgettable diving vacation!

Everything is organized for you and you will have the same instructors on Bonaire that you had lessons from in Holland at DiveForce. Travel, lodging, car rental and dive equipment rental on Bonaire is provided by EWDR.

The diving trip will take place from Monday, Feb. 5, to Thursday, Feb. 14. Indicative price for the entire trip is € 2,100 per person (flights, accommodation, rental pick-up for diving and unlimited air (Nitrox) and lead and rental of your diving equipment). The rates for the diving courses are the same as the rates of courses provided by DiveForce in the Netherlands.

We have room for a maximum of 10 students per trip. Non-diving travel companions or travel companions who already have their PADI certifications obviously do not count for training and are welcome to travel with us for fun dives or snorkeling. You do need to register no later than November 1, 2023 so that we can arrange the booking for the whole group at once and we travel on the same flight.

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Average Temperatures

Wetsuit advice for Bonaire

A 3 mm wetsuit is recommended between July & November. The other months the water temperature fluctuates between 27/28 C. For most divers then a 3mm is still sufficient, but if you dive a lot or get cold quickly then you might consider a 5mm.

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